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Meet the recipients of the Caress • IFWOC COVID-19 Grant Program


JULY 24, 2020

IFundWomen of Color was created with our founding partner Caress to help diverse entrepreneurs bring their dreams into reality through raising capital via crowdfunding and providing grants, coaching, and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses.

Caress is saddened by the severe impact that COVID-19 is wreaking on communities and on small businesses and entrepreneurs. They recognize that in this critical time, small businesses are struggling immensely and the disadvantages that women of color entrepreneurs face are only growing.  As a founding partner of IFundWomen of Color, Caress is proud to be supporting 200 women of color owned small businesses with $500,000 in grants for COVID-19 relief.

Meet this week's Caress • IFundWomen of Color COVID-19 grant recipients:

Sailaja Joshi

Mango and Marigold Press believes that all children should hear and see the stories of all cultures, starting right at birth. Mango and Marigold Press is starting with the stories of India and South Asia, but this is only the beginning of our journey. The vision and mission is to help ensure that every child's story is told and that every child can be the hero. The next generation of global citizens are just starting their journeys and diverse books are one of the tools they need to become culturally literate citizens of the world.

Whitney Osei-Akintaju
Founder of Ethnic District

Ethnic District is an online retailer for Afrocentric beauty, home goods, and grocery items for people of color. Our customers can shop from over 100 suppliers globally who create cosmetics, skincare, haircare, homeware, food items, and more for people of color.

Priscilla Vega
Founder of PR Vega

PR Vega is a catalyst for empowerment amongst female entrepreneurs. We take start-ups to the next level by providing brands a fresh approach to PR.

Angela Means

Jackfruit is the world's largest tree fruit when cooked before it ripens it mimic meat. With the right technique and spices it really mimics meat. Jackfruit Cafe has mastered jackfruit cooking past anything America has seen. Because one tree can yield two tons of meat a year, Jackfruit Cafe is on the frontlines reducing world hunger with delicious jackfruit dishes, tacos, burritos, plus comfort soul platters with bbq pulled jackfruit.

Chrishon Lampley
Founder of Love Cork Screw

Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals in the fourth quarter of 2013. Since its inception, the LCS brand has acquired over 50 locations including, Target, Mariano’s, Binny’s, Whole Foods and other Chicago land area stores, restaurants and bars. This rapid expansion is attributed to Lampley’s 17 years’ of experience in the industry, which has given her leverage to develop a keen awareness of what people enjoy and what the market is missing.

Tammeca Rochester
Founder of Harlem Cycle

Harlem Cycle is Harlem's 1st and only boutique indoor cycling studio. Harlem Cycle is a community focused fitness studio teaching more than 3000+ Cardio focused classes a year that embody the spirit and culture that has made Harlem unique.

Tomeka Hayes
Founder of Mecca Candle Co.

Mecca Candle Co. is a 100% Soy Candle Company based in Los Angeles, created to inspire others, curating full bodied, all natural fragrances.

Shauny Lamba

SHAKTIBARRE offers effective, affordable, inclusive, and vibrant mind-body barre and yoga classes for women traditionally left out of boutique fitness and/or wanting to go deeper than just "body goals."

Stacey Minor

Sweet Potato Patch Chicago is a technology driven company whose mission is to leverage technology systems to ensure equal and easier access to quality healthy and whole foods to all people, targeting the underserved in food deserts and creating a sustainable eco system, by sourcing produce from disadvantaged urban and southern black and brown farmers, to reduce chronic Illnesses in the communities that we target and right the food access/insecurity wrongs!

Ashley Rockwood
Founder of Free Mvmt Shop

Free Mvmt Shop was built to get people moving together by removing the insecurity of starting your fitness journey, and creating a space for all people to feel welcome, supported and invited to move. 

Rhonesha Byng
Founder of Her Agenda

Her Agenda is a digital media platform bridging the gap between ambition and achievement for women.

Kai Frazier
Founder of Kai XR

Kai XR is a kid-friendly virtual reality platform where kids can explore VR field trips and improve their tech skills by creating their very own VR adventures.

Nicole Fenner

Sister Girl Publishing LLC. publishes engaging and motivational children’s books, children’s motivational journals and children’s coloring books. The mission of Sister Girl Publishing is to provide Sister Girl literature, Sister Girl apparel, Sister Girl Home furnishings and educational tools that encourage, motivate and enlighten our children and communities.

Aria Leighty

The MOB nation + Glitter Mindset supports and empowers Mom Owned Businesses through networking, resources, education, and connection, making resources and networking accessible to Mom Owned Businesses, and changing the conversation around how the world sees Mom Owned Businesses, and how we see ourselves.

Mahasin Phillips

Atmosphere Threesixty is a niche, 100% natural and consciously handcrafted aromatherapy line, fused with healing crystals and made in small batches! Every collection is inspired by the beauty and magic of new beginnings! 

Laci Chisholm
Founder of FIT4DANCE

Fit4Dance offers quality, affordable dance & fitness instruction to the community; encouraging women to take charge of their health.

Nina Bryant

She Makes Delicious is for the EntreGoGetter who wants it all but knows that in order to achieve greatness you must delegate - even your meals.

Kymme Williams
Founder of Bushwick Grind

Our founders began Bushwick Grind after the realization that there were few places to sit down for a cup of coffee in Brooklyn, New York. Now, our community-focused coffee shop offers our customers fantastically brewed cups of specialty coffee and freshly made entrees which are out of this world.

Arion Long
Founder of Femly

Femly manufactures & delivers eco-friendly & sustainable feminine care to your door!

Noëlle Santos
Founder of The Lit. Bar

The Lit. Bar is the only bookstore serving 1.5 million people in the Boogie Down Bronx. Our venue encourages curious readers, hosts literary events, and features a wine bar--connecting the great pastimes of social drinking and introverted reading. What better way to loosen our tongues and talk about the books we love?

Lei Musubi
Founder of Lei Musubi

Lei Musubi specializes in gourmet Hawaiian-style rice balls sold at FRESHFARM markets in the DC metropolitan area. Each handcrafted rice ball is filled with umami goodness, packed with loads of flavor, and a tsunami of texture. We source most of our ingredients locally and seasonally.