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Miami, FL

VPack For Women

We’re making it our business to effectively impact women’s lives by improving their Urinary & Vaginal Health.

48% Funded
153Days Left
Health + Science
Los angeles, CA

Tending The Garden

This retreat is for marginalized individuals who need to feel seen, supported, and heard in an environment wherein they will be respected.

63% Funded
153Days Left
Health + Science
Minneapolis, MN

Watershed Spa

Join us in creating the first destination for communal bathing and holistic spa services in the Twin Cities

25% Funded
51Days Left
Health + Science
Atlanta, GA

The Cactus Beauty Bar

The Cactus Beauty Bar is a selfcare beauty company that creates healing soaps, body butters, face oil, candles, deodorants and more.

13% Funded
27Days Left
Health + Science
Richmond, VA

Black Girls RUN!

Black girls run? Of course we do. There’s a huge misconception that black women don’t run. And, we are changing that one step at a tim

103% Funded
3Days Left
Health + Science
Brooklyn, NY

Support Wellness for All

The Fit In makes wellness accessible to underserved communities. Creating equity in wellness allows our communities to live long & prosper.

410% Funded
153Days Left
Health + Science
Social Good