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Start Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a low-risk, efficient path to getting a startup, small business, nonprofit, or side hustle off the ground without going into debt or giving up equity.


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Crowdfunding eCourse

IFundWomen is widely recognized as the crowdfunding industry leader for female founders and creators. The reason why IFundWomen is fundamentally different from other platforms is because of our proprietary coaching program, The IFundWomen Method, which, when utilized, drives a 27x higher raise than the crowdfunding industry average.

Designed with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind, this FREE e-course will teach you how to use the IFundWomen Method to hone your pitch, map your network, strategically estimate your fundraising goal, market to your target audience, and design rewards that sell.

Don’t just take our word for it. 84% of people who’ve taken this course say they feel "way more confident" to hit their crowdfunding goal. 

Crowdfunding Tools

This is where we give you all of the tools, downloads, pdfs, etc that you will need to rock your crowdfunding campaign.

Ifundwomen playbook

The IFundWomen Method Playbook is an end-to-end campaign planner: pitch honing, network mapping, rewards P&L, and marketing planner. This will be your crowdfunding bible during your campaign.


Crowdfunding 101 Weekly Webinar

The How to Crowdfund Weekly Zoom Webinar should be your first stop on your crowdfunding journey. Learn all the basics of what you need to have a successful campaign. It’s free. RSVP below. 


Join the network

Join IFundWomen’s Community Slack network where entrepreneurs from around the world are collaborating, commiserating, and celebrating on all things crowdfunding and startup life.

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Network map

The IFundWomen Network Map is a multi-tab list of all of the people you are going to pre-market your campaign, to get them to support your startup. The highest-grossing campaigns on iFundWomen used their network map religiously.


IFW Founder Playbook & Grant planner

Download the IFundWomen Founder's Playbook and Grant Planner as your end-to-end capital playbook. Use this as a living tool to keep your business pitch, brand materials, capital plans, and grant information so you can easily copy and paste your answers when you need to!


Campaign Guide

The IFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign Guide is a crash course on how to crowdfund. Think broad strokes to give you an idea of what to expect. Go check it out and then we highly recommend that you take the time to watch our free crowdfunding eCourse where you can really get into the details of planning your campaign.