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Here you can find PDF's, resource docs, and live replays of all of the IFundWomen workshops. We've also included articles & resources curated by the IFundWomen team on your most asked about topics.

Get started with these workshops

Here you can find PDF's, resource docs, and live replays of all of the IFundWomen workshops. We've also included articles & resources curated by the IFundWomen team on your most asked about topics.

How to use IFundWomen to launch & scale your business

Whether you're just starting out or you already have an established brand, IFundWomen can help propel your business forward. Learn how to leverage our funding platform to raise capital, build your brand, monetize your product or service, and launch and scale your business.

Funding options for pre-revenue startups

What comes first – the money or the product? In this workshop, we'll explore several funding options for pre-revenue and pre-product startups like bootstrapping through early sales, crowdfunding, grants, investors & more to find the right funding fit for your startup based on your goals and business sector.

Perfect your business pitch

When preparing for your crowdfunding campaign, the first and most important exercise is honing your pitch. Join us for this interactive session with IFundWomen Startup Coach, Alex Brockelman, where you'll write and practice pitching your business live!


Crowdfunding is a low-risk, efficient path to getting a startup, small business, nonprofit, or side hustle off the ground without going into debt or giving up equity. The reason why IFundWomen is fundamentally different from other platforms is because of our proprietary coaching program, The IFundWomen Method, which, when utilized, drives a 27x higher raise than the crowdfunding industry average. Learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding in the workshops below.


Crowdfunding Rewards Strategy

Take this monthly workshop to help you design rewards for your business in a small group setting, led by iFundWomen Startup Coach, Alex Brockelman. Come ready to talk about your business model and what your business needs to make money. Bring your iFundWomen Method Playbook with you!

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Crowdfunding Sprint Day 1: Crowdfunding in a crisis & Honing your pitch

If you need capital, you should absolutely crowdfund in order to get interest and debt-free capital into your pocket. The first thing you need to do is hone your pitch. It’s your job to articulate clearly WHY you need to crowdfund, and the problem that your campaign will solve.

Crowdfunding Sprint Day 2: Rewards strategy

Crowdfunding rewards are the products and services you offer through your crowdfunding campaign, at different price points, in exchange for monetary contribution from your funders. A well-planned rewards strategy can supercharge your campaign as your rewards should be a) things people actually want, and b) priced correctly.

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Crowdfunding Sprint Day 3: Network mapping

Network mapping provides you with a realistic idea of how much money you can raise through your campaign. The process involves looking through your contacts in your various communities, platforms, and devices, and mapping out how much you expect them to give. Taking out this guesswork will allow you to be more confident and raise more money.

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Crowdfunding Sprint Day 5: Making the ask

“Compassionate people ask for what they need.” Brené Brown said that, and we can promise it’s true. People want to support you, especially now. But then why is it so hard to ask? Get over the fear and build the confidence you need to ask for money—no easy feat!

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Crowdfunding: Making the Ask

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! The secret to raising money is ALL about how you make the ask! We get it, asking for money from your friends, family, or complete strangers can be awkward and uncomfortable. The best crowdfunders overcome this fear by treating their crowdfunding campaign like a sales process. Combine your pitching skills with your network mapping strategy to determine which message is right for every type of potential backer for your campaign. Join IFundWomen Startup Coach, Virginia Almendarez, for this interactive workshops where you will learn how to confidently make the ask, get over those awkward feelings, and raise more money for your crowdfunding campaign.

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How to hit your funding goal by network mapping

In business, your network is your net worth. Raising money is first and foremost a sales process and requires a sales approach in order for you to hit your goal. The IFW Network mapping process provides you with a realistic idea of how much money you can raise through your campaign. The process involves looking through your contacts in your various communities, platforms, and devices, and mapping out how much you expect them to give. Taking out this guesswork will allow you to be more targeted in your marketing, confident with your ask, and clear on the path to hitting your funding goal. Also, learn strategies for expanding and growing your network if your immediate list is limited.

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Marketing your crowdfunding campaign

Take this small group workshop to get expert marketing and social media advice for your crowdfunding campaign. Discuss how to get a community engaged around your campaign, how to contact influencers, and tactics that drive your backers to support your campaign. Download the Audience Messaging & Content Marketing PDF from the IFundWomen Method Playbook before class. Taught by IFundWomen Startup Coach, Virginia Almendarez.

Download the IFW Method Playbook

Download the My Communities worksheet

Net Work = Net Worth: How to raise more money with network mapping

The key to success in crowdfunding is selling your product, service, or side-hustle to the right people and inviting your community to support you! The biggest mistake we see when people launch their campaigns is not taking the time to map their network and designing unique rewards. If you've launched (or are about to launch) a crowdfunding campaign and having a hard time raising money, this is a must watch! Our Founder, Karen Cahn, put together this step-by-step tutorial in January documenting how she network mapped to raise $50K for the Women's March NYC! Download our IFW Network Map here if you don't have it already!

Network Map

Start Crowdfunding!

Pitch Perfect Workshop

When preparing for your crowdfunding campaign, the first and most important exercise is honing your pitch. As a Founder, it is your job to be able to articulate the mission of your company and the problem your product/service is solving, making sure whoever is listening fully understands why your business needs to exist. A perfect pitch is not only extremely valuable for your crowdfunding campaign, but it’s also critical to getting your first customers, and eventually securing your next round of funding after your campaign.

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Grants, Loans, and Venture Capital

We are experts in helping early stage businesses get connected to the funding they need to grow. Whether you're crowdfunding, applying for grants, looking for loans, or raising venture capital, our team can help you find the right capital plan for your business. Watch our workshops below to learn more. 


Accelerators 101: Getting in, raising capital, and growing your business

As a startup, you'll want to use every tool in your toolbelt to grow and scale your business. Accelerators are one of the most sought-after resources for early stage businesses who are looking to take their business to the next level. An accelerator is a program that gives developing companies access to mentorship, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient businesses. Curious about what an accelerator program can do for your startup? Join us and Program Director at Techstars, Kelly Fryer, to learn how to get into a competitive accelerator program, how accelerators can help you scale your business, and how to leverage your accelerator connections after the program ends.

Here's two lists of accelerator programs from IFundWomen and our partners: 
Database 1 & Database 2.

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From value to valuation

How do you know what your business is worth? Is it based on assets? Is it based on your revenue? Is it based on how many investors you have? In this workshop, get an intro to valuation models and theory and learn how to think about the valuation of your business today and in the future. Join us as Former Wall Street Executive, Mollie Fehlig, breaks down complex valuation models into simple concepts you can use to determine your business valuation.

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Funding options for pre-revenue startups

What comes first – the money or the product? How can you make revenue, apply for grants, qualify for loans, or get VC funding if you can't get the money to produce the product or service in the first place? Every day we see entrepreneurs get stuck at this phase. Don't let this dilemma stop you from pushing forward on your business! It's time to break out of this ineffective thought loop and start creating revenue for your business. There are several options to raise capital for your business and picking the right one or one(s) depends on a lot of different components. In this workshop, we'll explore several funding options for pre-revenue and pre-product startups like bootstrapping through early sales, crowdfunding, grants, investors & more to find the right funding fit for your startup based on your goals and business sector.

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Grant Writing 101

Looking for free money for your startup? Grants are undoubtedly the BEST match for this type of funding. Grants are debt-free funds to help you bring your idea, project, or company to life. Grants can support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research, the arts, new and exciting business territory and more. They can be distributed from government entities, private companies or individuals, academic institutions, and even non-profit organizations. But how can do you secure this highly competitive and elusive “grant” funding, even if you’re in the early stages of your business? Join IFundWomen Startup Coach and experienced grant writer, Virginia Almendarez, to demystify the grant landscape. In this workshop, you will learn how to find the right grant for your business, how to hack the application process so grant writing is easier, and how to write a winning grant application!

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Mastering the VC Pitch Deck

Take your iFundWomen Method Pitch to the next level with this workshop. In this master class, taught by Investment Banker & Founder of Advisory Firm, Fehlig Advisory, Mollie Fehlig, you will learn how to position your business for success in every type of fundraising whether that is venture capital, angel investment, or loans.

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Small business loans and credit 101 w/ Fundera

At some point in the lifecycle of your business, you’ll need access to financing—whether to cover cash flow, expand your team, buy a new location, stem an economic disaster, or for a different purpose altogether. But how do you figure out what the right type of financing is for your business and your growth plan? Join IFundWomen and Fundera's VP of Marketing, Meredith Wood, on this educational workshop to learn all about lending options for your small business from loans, to lines of credit to business credit cards.

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Tapping in to Public Funding Opportunities

Public funding presents a unique opportunity for early-stage and growth-stage startups seeking ways to scale. Tapping into design challenges, pilot projects, strategic partnerships and procurement opportunities can provide a sustainable way to grow. Additionally, numerous tax incentive and economic development programs also exist that may help companies reduce burn rate, conserve cash and leverage partnerships - but a business strategy incorporating public funding often requires contingency and risk-adjusted go-to-market planning. Join IFundWomen and Chante Harris, Vice President at Capalino, to learn how to take advantage of public funding opportunities and use them to grow your business.

Download the Deck


The Art & Science of Raising VC

In this course, you’ll get the financial education, industry jargon, and key resources to understand your company’s cap table. You’ll also get Brooke’s playbook on putting together an amazing pitch deck.

Sales and Marketing

There's no getting around it – you need to know how to do sales and marketing if you are going to have a business, a nonprofit, a side-hustle, or a passion project that you want anyone to pay attention to. At the end of the day, sales is just a numbers game. The more people you reach, the more sales you will make. Learn everything you need to know about sales and marketing from our experts below.


Brand Building 101 w/ Unilever

Brand strategy is more than just picking a cool logo, unique fonts, and a punchy slogan. Branding is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.  It encompasses all things that consumers know, feel, and experience about your business in its entirety. For individuals and businesses alike, establishing your brand can the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure. Join IFundWomen and Unilever's Dawn Hedgepeth (GM- Deodorants, Men's Grooming, and Hand & Body Lotion) and Lola Danlos (Team Lead, Category Management) to learn the secret to how they create, grow, and manage some of the world's most Iconic consumer brands. In this workshop you will learn how build your brand from the ground up by using exercises to help you identify your brand voice, values, and visual identity. 

Download the deck


Building a Sales Funnel

Sales is essential to ANY business. Whether you’re selling traditional physical products or offering digital or consulting services, sales has to drive your business model. Understanding your sales funnel can help you figure out how to acquire new customers and leads, but also identify some of the places where your customers aren’t converting. In this workshop by IFundWomen’s Head of Business Development, Zeina Muna, you will learn how to unlock revenue by building a well-defined sales funnel.

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Building a professional network in your industry

The key to your success is in the power of your network. The best CEOs, founders and creatives attained their positions not just because of what they knew but the friends, colleagues, relationships that supported them along the way. If you're building a new business, especially if you're endeavoring into a new industry, networking is essential to the success of your business. Join IFundWomen and Susan Zhang, Associate Brand Manager at Unilever, for this informative workshop on building up a network in your industry. You will learn how to define your network, how to find people that are a part of your industry vertical, and how to expand your network whether you're an industry newbie or veteran. 

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Building and monetizing an online community with Mighty Networks

Join IFundWomen and Jessica Shambora, PM of Brand & Growth at Mighty Networks, for this interactive workshop on how to build and monetize an online community with the Mighty Networks platform. Mighty Networks is a web builder and membership site that powers brands and businesses that bring people together via online courses, paid memberships, events, content, and community–all under your brand, instantly available natively on every platform. You will learn how to think differently about creating a community that delivers results, how to setup your community for recurring results, and how to bring your community to life with a step-by-step tutorial of the Mighty Networks technology.

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Building the network you need to grow your business

As a Founder, your network is absolutely your net worth. Learn how to leverage the power of human connection to drive value in your business in this intimate group workshop. Donna Miller’s 30 years worth of hands-on experience in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur have made her an expert in using relationship building to fuel business growth. Learn her tried and tested strategies for success when building out a new network, gaining access to key stakeholders, and optimizing your results to continue building connections that will be sustainable as your business grows.

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Building your first ad funnel with Facebook Ads

Now more than ever, since consumers are spending more of their time at home and online, businesses need to have a strategy for digital marketing. In this workshop with Ellen Kang and Caroline Spence, Director and VP of Paid Social at Mutesix, you will learn the ins-and-outs of creating a sales funnel that converts. You'll get hands-on instruction on how to identify your target audience, create your own ad campaigns, strategize around bid pricing and CPA, and efficiently scale your business using Facebook's Ad platform.

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Building your go-to-market strategy

It's all about the launch! How you enter the market is crucial to the growth of any new product, service, or company. Whether you're launching new products and services or launching your crowdfunding campaign, a strong go-to-market launch strategy can accelerate your company's success. A go to market strategy is a tactical action plan that outlines the steps necessary to succeed in a new market or with a new customer. Join IFW and Brand Strategist, Senior Marketer & Founder of Sohuis, Jessica Korthuis, for this informative workshop where you'll learn how to find your target customer, build a brand that speaks to them, and craft unique messaging & content that generates leads.

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Creating a winning content calendar

Your business needs a content strategy. Yes, even if you don't know what that means. If you want your marketing to convert ideal prospects, your content has to engage and build trust. Where we come from, good content marketing takes thinking – and planning – like an editor. Consumers increase spending by 23% when they experience an emotional response to advertising. Content strategy works for big brands, startups/small businesses, founders, and freelancers alike. Join IFundWomen and Expert Content Strategist & Founder of The Why Women Project, Cristina Cala, for this workshop on how to create a winning content calendar. You will learn how to find your content niche, how to design and plan your first content calendar and how to develop a content strategy and team that can meet your business objectives.

Download the Deck

Creating Strategic Partnerships with Brands w/ Unilever

Whether your business is on the Fortune 500 or just starting out, strategic partnerships can make a huge difference in driving growth for your business. Strategic partnerships allow businesses the opportunity to reach new customers, deepen relationships with their current audience, increase brand presence, and expand the product set. In this workshop, Casey DePalma, Head of PR at Unilever, and Viviana Alvarez, Head of Sustainability at Unilever, are here to teach you the secret to closing major partnerships with industry leading brands and influencers. In this 1 hour webinar, you will learn the strategy behind identifying, pitching, and closing deals with companies that can take your business to the next level. 

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Graphic Design for Beginners w/Canva

Learn the basic principles of graphic design and how to create eye catching graphics for your brand using Canva.

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Hacking your PR: Creating a winning press strategy

Now is the time to show up in a bigger way and give voice to your story, as you are trying to make a real impact in the world. The earlier you start to build key relationships and start pitching, the more successful your business will be. If you think you're not ready to get featured because you're "too early stage", you are preventing your business from reaching its higher potential. In this workshop led by PR Consultant, Gloria Chou, learn how to start a PR roadmap that will allow you to sharpen your narrative, build key relationships, and get featured in top publications like Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

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How to get press

There's power in press! Getting good press for your business can catalyze growth at every stage of your business by bringing in new customers, piquing investor interest, driving strategic partnerships, and improving your SEO results. In this workshop, taught by Writer and Branded Content Strategist, Brittney Oliver, you will learn how to pitch press contacts from some of the most prestigious media outlets. Brittney’s work has been featured in in Forbes, Fast Company, Refinery29, Black Enterprise and she has helped clients get media placements in USA Today, ABC News, The Chicago Tribune and Black Enterprise.

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Influencer marketing for startups

In this expert-led workshop, learn when to utilize influencer marketing, how to identify the right influencers, how much to spend, and how to measure ROI. We will cover all of the above with an emphasis and practical guidelines on influencer identification.

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Instagram: Build, engage, grow

What you say and do on your social platforms allows your customers an inside glimpse into the true personality of your brand. It allows them to know you, like you and ultimately trust you enough to buy from you.

In our workshop with social media expert, Stephanie Mullen, you will learn how to make a social media plan you can stick to, how to understand, find, and use hashtags, and tips/hacks to improve your instagram stories.

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Intro to Facebook & Instagram Ads

Advertising ain't easy, but it is essential in order to grow your business! Join iFundWomen's Head of Growth, Mallory Young, in this one-hour virtual workshop where you will learn how to setup your FB Business & Ads Manager, how to choose the right audience, and much more!

Instagram Glossary

Facebook Glossary

Leveraging LinkedIn

Join us for a workshop with LinkedIn's Community Editor Victoria Taylor to learn additional ways you can leverage LinkedIn to grow your business.

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Sales conversations in a crisis

Now more than ever, you'll want to renew your focus on your company's core KPIs, lean into your customers' needs, and find new ways to provide value to them. Join IFundWomen and Sales Coach & Consultant, Allison Davis, as we walk through each step of creating and pivoting the process, giving you practical and actionable advice that even the most sales-adverse entrepreneur can get behind. You’ll understand how to find unique opportunities, restructure your messaging, and actually be excited to get out there and have your next sales call!

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Selling e-commerce in a crisis

Join IFundWomen and one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative Entrepreneurs, Ali Kriegsman, COO & CO-Founder of Bulletin for this engaging AMA on selling e-commerce during a downturn. As the Founder of Bulletin, a VC-backed retail technology startup, Ali has moved the company through several iterations of development including direct to consumer e-commerce, brick & mortar, wholesale operations, and platform technology. Learn how to focus your sales strategy, double down on your brand value, restructure the future of your brick & mortar business & more in this interactive AMA. Come prepared with questions!

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Serve cultures, not customers: How to build authentic community by identifying microcultures

Where does brand power come from? As Founders, when we learn about finding product-market fit, we usually focus on what tangible value we can offer but we often neglect how much power there is in providing intangible value. And Intangible value comes from serving cultures, not necessarily just customers. Join Tech Influencer, Speaker, and Consultant, Alex Wolf, for this interactive workshop where you’ll explore the power of cultivating intangible value for passionate microcultures to build authentic community. You will learn the keys to building a thriving community, how to identify and nurture existing “microcultures” and how to leverage and create intangible value within your brand which can act as a bloodline for the health of your brand and business.

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Social media marketing in 2020 with Buffer

"Are they open right now? Are they shipping?" We're living in a rapidly changing world where communicating with your customers is the difference between businesses that make it and those that don't. Customers look for that communication on social media. Still a place for brand building and growth, social media has also become a de facto line of communication between your business and the people you serve. Join IFundWomen and Ashley Hockney, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Buffer, for this interactive workshop on how you should think about your social media presence in 2020. In this workshop, you will learn how social media marketing actually impacts your business, when to start investing in social media, how to optimize and automate social media, using Buffer, and how to leverage social media for growth.

Download the deck


Who is my customer? Using data & empathy to build your startup?

The more data you have, the better, right? Wrong! As startup founders, we should always be seeking to take this one step further and shift to building emotive content and connections through optimal use of data, both qualitative and quantitative. Understanding your customer’s drivers and motivations is key to creating meaningful experiences, driving business outcomes, and creating long-term brand affinity. However, you can’t accomplish this if you don’t truly understand your target audience. Join IFundWomen and CEO & Founder of Hiboo AI, Andra Vaduva, for this interactive workshop to learn how to use data to gain clarity around the customer you're serving so you can rise above the noise and more effectively connect with your audience.

Download the Deck

Your brand voice: How to create a compelling online brand

In a highly digital world, cultivating a powerful online presence is of utmost importance. If you've been slacking on creating your website and social media page(s), now is the time to get motivated about mastering your digital voice. Whether you've launched your brand or business years ago or are just starting out, learning ways to hone in on branding will engage your clients, drive views to your site(s) and foster the organic conversions you're longing for. Join us and Author/Editor, Influencer, Coach and Founder & CEO of Be A Light Collective, Marisa Donnelly, for this interactive workshop where you will learn how to identify your brand voice, how to stay consistent across different products or sub-brands, and how to use the power of your brand to increase your business visibility.

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Tech and Product

Building a technical product for the first time or looking to create your first website? Watch the workshops below to learn how to prototype, build, test, learn, and iterate your tech product. 


Airtable 101: How to take your IFW Method Playbook to the next level

Your funding journey is a marathon, not a sprint! And you are only as efficient as the tools you’re using. Move faster and more confidently by streamlining your campaign plans and funding network into Airtable, an online platform built to empower next-level productivity. This workshop will teach you how to take your iFundWomen Method Playbook to the next level by using Airtable, a flexible platform built to empower creators. Join us as Airtable Product Expert, Sucheta Salgaonkar, helps you set up a digital HQ for your campaign, where you can track your campaign launch calendar, contacts, pitch materials, and funding initiatives in one place and find what you need quickly. You’ll learn how to streamline your workflow, prevent important tasks from falling through the cracks, and surface meaningful insights to inform your strategy. Download & copy the IFundWomen Campaign HQ from Airtable.

Check out Airtable


Building your first website

It's time to learn how to easily build your own website! Using Squarespace templates, we’ll teach you how to design the site using content blocks, connect E-commerce to sell products and services, add a blog, and integrate analytics and custom tracking code.

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Extra Resources

Creating a low-tech MVP

Don’t waste your time and money building a business that no one is interested in paying for. Learn the basics of building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to help you test, learn, and iterate on your idea without spending any money.

Download the Deck

Creating customer personas

Knowing your audience is crucial to growing your business. Whether you’re building a product, defining your sales strategy, or developing your marketing messaging, it all begins with defining your customer personas. In this workshop, led by iFundWomen Product Manager & Coach, Maya Brooks, you’ll learn how to develop a customer persona using one of our templates.

Download the Deck

Sample Template

Design Thinking: How to generate ideas with your team and customers

We need new ideas and ways of thinking more than ever. Where we fall short is how we come up with ideas as an organization. How do we make sure everyone’s voices are heard, not just the loudest or most vocal? As leaders, how do we make sure we’re not biasing our team and find solutions to some of our most pressing problems? How do we prioritize the ideas once we’ve come up with several possibilities? How do we draw on the wisdom of the team without spiraling into group think? And how do we do all of this remotely? We can start by using a methodology called Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. In this session led by Catherine Collins, you’ll learn how to facilitate a Design Thinking session within your teams in 90 minutes and leave with tools and techniques you can put to practice to solve your biggest business challenges. 



Design Thinking Deck & Instructions


Mural Links: Warm Up Board, Ideation Board, Feedback Board

Hiring your first developer

Join IFundWomen and Flatiron School for this meaty conversation on hiring your first developer as a startup Founder. By bringing developers, founders, and hiring managers together, we’ll address hiring your first developer from multiple angles. We’ll be leading a 3-part deep dive to address all the questions on how to find your first developer, how to work well with developers on your team, how to create a successful engineering culture, and best practices and lessons learned from both the hiring and employee perspectives. Come ready to engage and ask questions!

Download the Deck

How to create an online course

The online course is now as essential to any entrepreneur, expert or thought leader’s toolbox, as a website and business card. As more businesses search for ways to digitize and streamline their businesses, developing an online course can serve as an essential part of any entrepreneur's digital content strategy, monetization strategy, or customer acquisition strategy. Join Brand Strategist and Head of Partnerships at Teachable, Jessica Catorc, for this deeply interactive workshop to learn how to create your very own online course. Learn how to validate your course topic, how to create engaging content, how to set pricing, and how to create your launch strategy.

Download the Deck

Intro to Google Analytics

Ready to use data to make informed decisions about your customers and drive revenue? Then sign up for a coaching membership at iFundWomen with a 14-day FREE trial and join this virtual workshop for a guided walkthrough of Google Analytics on everything from signing up to analyzing engagement and converting customers!

Download the Deck

Google Analytics Glossary

Prototyping 101: Designing a Mobile App

Do you need to build a mobile app but don't have money for a developer quite yet? Learn how to create an interactive mobile app mockup using Marvel App that you can show off to potential users, designers, developers, and investors. No prior design experience required.

Download the Deck

SEO Basics: Creating content that ranks

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of any solid digital marketing strategy. Not only does it help you get found when people search for what you do on Google, but it can help with brand awareness, PR, and lead generation. Google handles over 7 billion searches per day, and SEO is the key to making sure your website is served in those search results. Join IFundWomen and President & Lead SEO at Search Hermit, Carolyn Lyden, as we demystify SEO and help you get eyes on your content. You will learn the difference between on-page SEO and SEO focused content, how to perform an SEO website audit, and how to write content that ranks.

Download the Deck

Hiring, Legal, and Ops

Learn how to put together key elements of your business from an operations perspective. Watch our workshops below.


Legally protecting your business in a downturn

When a recession hits, the first order of business for any founder is to evaluate all aspects of the business to determine what is vulnerable to risk and what will thrive. While we look first at the more obvious aspects like cash flow, operating expenses, and debt management, we should also take a look at the ways you can protect yourself legally. As a startup Founder, there are several legal options to help you protect your business in case of a downturn from revisiting your business structure to contract negotiations to insurance. There's no time like the present to get your legal ducks in a row! Join IFundWomen and Outside General Counsel, Hayley Nivelle, for this workshop on how to legally protect your business in a downturn.

Download the Deck

Make every hire count

Building a great company culture starts from day 1. It's never too early to start thinking about how your company will grow. We've invited Andrea Hough, Head of Talent Management at Fidelity, to teach us how to Make Every Hire Count.

Download the Deck

Mind your business: Entity, trademarks, and copyright

During the course, you'll get a brief lesson from Merlyne Jean-Louis, Esq. about the legal issues of which you should be aware when running your business, including entity formation (which legal business structure is best for you), intellectual property (trademarks & copyright), and contracts.

Download the Deck

Business and Finance

When you are just starting out with your new innovation, it’s not always clear how to get started monetizing your business. Having a real business means having a product, a service, a mission, a vision, or a dream that people want to buy into. Watch our workshops below to learn how to solidify your business strategy and your business model. 


10 tax deductions you don't want to miss

It’s tax time! Being informed about the best way to maximize tax deductions and comply with tax filing requirements is important for every business owner no matter how big or how small your business is. Staying informed and staying organized can help every business owner reduce costs, improve cash flows and remain compliant with the tax code for their business structure. In this workshop, led by Founder and CEO of FiBrick Financial Services, Ramona Cedeno, CPA learn how to maximize deductions and reduce your tax liability for the year.

Download the Deck

Building social impact into your business model

Social impact/corporate responsibility is no longer just for the major corporations globally. Nor is it a "nice to have." During these uncertain times, its more important than ever to be able to articulate your company's policies, values, and responsibilities in regards to social impact. Join Investor, Consultant, and Founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, Susan McPherson, to learn how to start developing a social impact program, how make your program mission-aligned, and how to communicate with key stakeholders & potential partners.

Download the Deck

Business financial planning in a crisis

During a crisis, a recession historically follows. We are in the eye of the storm. The financial steps you take now are critical to if your business sinks, treads, or swims. Without a financial crisis, 60% of businesses are either losing money or just breaking even, things only get worst during these trying times. It's imperative to take the proper financial actions now to ensure your business does only survive, but that it swims. Join IFundWomen and Financial Coach & Consultant, Marguerite Pressley Davis, for a strategic and interactive session on how to prepare your business for a recession. Learn how to manage your cash balance, how to find expenses you can trim, and how to manage taking on new debt or current loans.

Creating your first business plan

Unsure where to start on creating and formalizing your business plan? A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. You'll use your business plan as a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your new business. But, you don’t need to write a 10 page document with MBA-level detail in order to start building your business. In this workshop with IFundWomen Product Manager, Maya Brooks, you’ll use the IFundWomen Startup Canvas to help you conceptualize, formalize, and organize your business plan. We’ll brainstorm together on your business model, your target customers, your marketing strategy, and your value proposition.

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Fashion product manufacturing 101

The majority of those product launches are led by someone that has NEVER manufactured a product before. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of learning by trial and error and expensive mistakes that could have been avoided. In this workshop, learn the basics that you need to know to be smarter throughout the process from seasoned industry veteran, Katherine Zabloudil.

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Financial statement basics: Balance sheet & income statement

Find yourself getting nervous anytime investors throw around terms like "annual revenue," "monthly cash burn," or "operating margin?" Now more than ever, its important to understand your company's cash position and potential liabilities so you use your money intelligently and make good business decisions. Join IFundWomen and Financial Expert, Mollie Fehlig, for this workshop, in which we are breaking down how to put together your balance sheet and income statement from scratch in easy-to-understand steps!

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Finding business opportunities in a crisis

Financial crises are a certainty of the economic cycle. During these times, entrepreneurs have 2 options: panic or take action. Now more than ever, entrepreneurs should be investing in innovation, focusing in on their customers' needs, honing in on their competitive advantage, and standardizing processes to move swiftly and effectively. Join IFundWomen and COO of Launch TN, Van Tucker, in this AMA-style workshop to learn how to pivot your business, spot unique opportunities, and think creatively about the future of your business model during this crisis.

Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs

Does talking about your personal finances make you nervous? We get it. But avoidance is NOT the answer, especially as an entrepreneur. Operating a successful business starts with understanding how to manage, optimize, and control your personal finances. Get ready to get personal as we dive into this 1 hour workshop with Joy Liu, Certified Financial Trainer from The Financial Gym, a national personal financial services company that takes a fitness-inspired approach to its clients’ finances. In this workshop, you will learn about personal finance basics & jargon, how to untangle your personal finances from your business finances especially if you're bootstrapping, and how to balance your personal financial goals with your business goals. You'll leave this workshop with a strong financial core to start with and clear strategies for managing your personal and business finances.

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The Basics of Business Budgeting

What’s more important than raising capital? Keeping it! That’s why creating a business budget is a crucial step for every business. In this workshop, Financial expert, Mollie Fehlig, gives us her toolkit for creating and maintaining a budget to fuel the growth of your business. Learn the Fehlig Advisory method designed to help you gain a fresh perspective and see the four objective and interrelated components of any business obstacle: Income, Costs, Problems & Solutions.

Learn the Fehlig Advisory method designed to help you gain a fresh perspective and see the four objective and interrelated components of any business obstacle: Income, Costs, Problems & Solutions.

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Supply Chain Management 101 w/ Unilever

Making a consumer product for the first time? If you work in an industry like fashion, restaurant, beauty, or other consumer products, you'll quickly realize how important it is to understand how to get your product from an a pile of raw materials to a live product in the consumer's hands. That's called a supply chain! The supply chain represents the steps it takes to get the product or service from its original state to the customer. Taking the time to build a holistic perspective on supply chain management is crucial to becoming a successful company because an optimized supply chain results in lower costs and a faster production cycle. Join IFundWomen and Amanda Akseli, Lead of 3rd party manufacturing for planning at Unilever, for this instructive workshop on how to build and manage your supply chain. You will learn the tools you need to understand supply chain basics, you will learn how to effectively plan, source, and deliver your product, and you will learn which technologies you can leverage for top notch supply chain management.

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Personal Development

Get insights on topics that will help you develop your personal strengths and make you a better CEO.


Making the most of your time with habit stacking

With habits driving most of our lives it can be difficult to integrate new actions, even if we know will make our days better. This session will focus on habit stacking, one of the most effective strategies for living a life in which you are both present and productive. Habit stacking is a convenient strategy that uses existing habits to build new ones. Participants in this session will learn how to utilize habit stacking to increase personal productivity and find balance in a busy life.

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