iFundWomen is a crowdfunding platform for women-led startups and small businesses.


It's so much more than crowdfunding.

iFundWomen empowers women to start and grow better businesses. iFundWomen drives cash funding to women's businesses through a flexible crowdfunding platform with a pay-it-forward model, expert startup coaching, professional video production, access to pitch competitions with investors, and a private community for our entrepreneurs to collaborate. What are you waiting for? 



New York City’s premier collaboration hub for women who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks.

New york, NY
29% Funded
$87,965 Raised
Days Left
Art + Music


ArtSugar is an ecommerce platform that sells affordable art by globally sourced artists with large, passionate Instagram followings.

New york, NY
15% Funded
$4,634 Raised
Days Left

Face It Today

Through a combination of education, empowerment and entrepreneurship, Face It Today helps inspire girls to shine from the inside out.

Hermosa beach, CA
46% Funded
$5,736 Raised
Days Left
Social Good

Winning Play$

Winning Play$ is a behavior-based financial literacy program that helps students develop healthy attitudes and behaviors around money.

New york, NY
100% Funded
$25,050 Raised
Days Left

Need private startup coaching?

We feel you. Starting a company can be at once exhilarating and exhausting. Toiling away on your own will not get you to where you need to go. You need an unbiased expert to help you hone in on your best idea, and strategize with you on how to bring it to life. That's what we do. We are in this with you.