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COVID-19 Relief


Supporting women entrepreneurs has always been our #1 priority, and the strength of our collective community is what is going to get us through during this unprecedented time.

From grants to free coaching to daily encouragement on our Slack network, we are working overtime to help women-led small businesses weather the storm.

Need relief funding? Start a campaign and allow your community to support you!

Watch: 1-minute video about IFundWomen COVID-19 support.

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Vision Therapy

Help fund one of Brooklyn's only vision therapy clinics! Dedicated to improving visual function in kids, adults and after brain injury.

11% Funded
2,666.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Health + Science
Novato, CA

MTHR Collective Retreat

We are a collective rooted in the rest and empowerment for the every mom who is passionate about creating.

13% Funded
2,623.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Minneapolis, MN

ChangeMakers for Impact

2 women educator entrepreneurs sharing an online platform for educators to EMPOWER, EQUIP, and provide COMMUNITY in a time of crisis.

2% Funded
2,090.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Social Good
Ellicott city, MD

Divine Planet 2.0

Welcome to Divine Planet 2.0: Our next evolution as we grow into our new retail studio and online store

31% Funded
1,840.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Art + Music
Sherman oaks, CA

Dragonfly Studio

Dragonfly Studio is a one-of-a-kind artist space in Los Angeles centered around building artistic community & connection.

11% Funded
1,630.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Aguascalientes, Ags.


Mothers & Female Entreprenuers in Mexico Need Safe Spaces, Access to Useful Resources & A Strong Supportive Community!

7% Funded
1,310.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services
Toronto, ON

Evolve Showrooms

I am a new, young, female entrepreneur and I need funding in order to grow my business!

2% Funded
650.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services