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Make Reuse and Sharing SAFE with Sanichek!

sanichek lets you know what’s been sanitized and when – before you touch it.

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Project Description

Our Vision: Make Reuse and Sharing SAFE!

Reuse is critical to the future health of our planet. The presence of COVID-19 mandates that we reuse shared resources in a safe and sanitary manner.

As businesses reopen, we become ever-more aware of the degree to which our shared spaces such as pantries, conference rooms, restrooms and items like chairs and desks, are covered in germs. In the case of COVID-19, highly contagious germs.

Airborne germs or surface germs – either way – they can cause the disease to spread. Our focus is on surface germs – because we can be in control of surface sanitization.

sanichek lets you know what’s been sanitized and when – before you touch it. A simple green or red light on your smartphone lets you know the sanitization status of any conference room, bathroom stall, desk or chair.

With sanichek you can enjoy peace of mind!

The Problem

They say you can't manage what you can't measure. Since we can’t see germs, we can’t know where they are, let alone measure or manage them.

Germs infect us, sicken us and, in some cases, kill us. To date 130,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and the count is increasing daily.

According to authoritative bodies, such as the CDC and ASM (American Society for Microbiology), coronavirus pathogens can be widely spread amongst surfaces by both (i) human touch and (ii) air turbulence caused by natural and mechanical airflow patterns, as well as human activities such as walking.

The below conceptualization by the ASM illustrates the problem, as it applies to employees returning to offices.                            

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Image from the article "2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Built Environment Considerations To Reduce Transmission" by Leslie Dietz, Patrick F. Horve, David A. Coil, Mark Fretz, Jonathan A. Eisen, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg.

Our Solution

sanichek is a sanitization management technology comprised of RFID sensors, readers, and a proprietary operating system for your smartphone designed to show the sanitization status of spaces and items with a green/red light indicator.

Installation is as simple as putting a sticky note on a door, and a nightlight in an outlet. The difference is that with sanichek, the sticky note is replaced by our RFID motion-sensor and the nightlight is replaced by our reader. Now we’re ready to start tracking room and surface sanitization. When a cleaning person enters a room to be sanitized – they use their app to let the system know they’ve arrived. As they leave and shut the door behind them, the system changes the room status from red (dirty) to green (sanitized).

As you open the door to a sanitized room, a green light will display on your phone and the door tag notifies the system you’ve arrived.  When you or your group leaves the room, the system is notified as you exit that the room needs to re-sanitized before the next person or group can use it.

“Single-Use | Single-Sanitization” is the sanichek way leaving you to focus on your business rather than wonder if what you’re touching is sanitary.