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From Refugee To Living The American Dream

Not knowing a word of English, I was able to break barriers and achieve my American Dream of being a Beauty Salon Owner and Educator.

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Project Description

What is Salon Anovin's Mission? 

  • Salon Anovin’s mission is to have a relaxing space for clients to come to after a long day at work. We aim towards giving clients an ultimate experience and bring out the best in them.

Why Are We Creating This Campaign? 

  • Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we had to shut our doors in the beginning of March. These past couple of months had been the most challenging for us. This forced Salon Anovin to furlough all of its 10 team members, while navigating the impact of the pandemic in our communities and set the health and safety of our team members, clients, and communities as a priority.  We wish it could have been a different impact for Salon Anovin team members, but unfortunately, it was the reality we were facing. 

What Is The Market Size?

  • The market size of this industry, measured by revenue, is $47.0B in 2020. An opportunity within this industry or primary negative factor affecting this industry is low barriers to entry. 

Why Helping Us Is Important To Us. 

  • Your help will allow us to come back to the salon in full force to do what we love, and that is to make our clients not only look good, but feel good. We want to be able to provide our monthly event again, where we invite the community to come together in our space to connect and learn, whether in be beauty or social networking.

Why Are We Seeking Funding? 

  • We are seeking funding for our operational expenses and payroll. Due to the global pandemic that has forced us to close our doors and pause on what we love to do the most. We will be using the funding towards the relief of our employees that had been furloughed, and 2 of our team members that did not qualify to receive unemployment. 

Who Is On Our Team? 

  • We have 4 hair artists, 2 assistants, 1 receptionist, and 3 nail technicians. 

Our Appreciation for Helping Us. 

  • We would like to Thank YOU for taking the time to read our campaign. Your help will be greatly appreciated to get our Beauty Salon back on the ground running and in business, doing what we love most! Giving our clients the ultimate beauty experience after a long days of work, giving back to our community (monthly events, hosting networking events, and/or classes for any and all clients). 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Salon Anovin? 
    • Salon Anovin is a beauty salon that offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Hair services include: cut, color, treatments, chemical services, and extensions. Nail services include: different packages of mani/pedi, no-chip, dip-powder, acrylic. Hair removal services and special occasion services. 
  • How much will this cost? 
    • The campaign will raise $25,000 to help Salon Anovin get back on their feet and the ground running as we make our way to re-open our doors. This funding will allow Salon Anovin to help with employee payroll, especially for those who did not qualify for unemployment and operational expenses, such as Salon PPE. 
  • How is Salon Anovin's campaign different from other campaigns? 
    • This is a one-time campaign for funding that will help the relief of the Salon that had been affected by the global pandemic of COVID-19. 
  • How was the fundraising goal? 
    • The goal had been calculated with the duration of the payroll period that our team members did not receive due to being furloughed and operational expenses for Salon PPE and others. 
  • Who will manage the funds received? 
    • Salon Anovin will manage the redemption of all pledges. 



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