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COVID-19 Relief


Supporting women entrepreneurs has always been our #1 priority, and the strength of our collective community is what is going to get us through during this unprecedented time.

From grants to free coaching to daily encouragement on our Slack network, we are working overtime to help women-led small businesses weather the storm.

Need relief funding? Start a campaign and allow your community to support you!


Grant recipients

The IFW COVID-19 Relief Fund provides microgrants to women-owned businesses that are being impacted by this crisis. You can donate to the Relief Fund now or start a campaign on IFW to be considered to receive a grant! Grants are distributed on a rolling basis. 

Meet our winners


Watch: 1-minute video about IFundWomen COVID-19 support.

Fund COVID-19 relief campaigns

Burbank, CA

Equal Footing For Film

Supporting those who create the content we all watch during COVID-19; women in the film industry who are fighting for an Equal Footing.

1% Funded
0Days Left
Art + Music
Chicago, IL

trikona yoga co.

harness your power.
heal from within.
strength through community.
breaking the stigma.

4% Funded
0Days Left
Health + Science