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Durham, NC

iFund AHURA Initiative

The world is evolving, so should we! A new way to fund in a society that can be short of generosity + kindness – let’s create together!

1% Funded
55Days Left
Health + Science
Teaneck, NJ

Hair Brew

Hair Brew is a premium clean beauty line dedicated to improving the health of hair, skin & beards.

31% Funded
7Days Left
Health + Science
Brooklyn, NY

Fringe Pilates

Making Pilates more accessible for those that love and heal on the fringes- BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

11% Funded
8Days Left
Health + Science
Worcester, MA

Heal From Your Core

The Lighthouse Bulb, LLC is a mental and emotional well-being practice created to teach deep seeded, sustainable healing techniques.

0% Funded
78Days Left
Health + Science
Social Good