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Fox & Son Sustainable Gluten Free

Help us raise money to create our product line and keep our allergy-friendly, sustainable restaurant going during COVID-19.

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Campaign Ends on December 31, 2020

Project Description

Our mission is to serve high-quality, county-fair style gluten free foods that are hand made with locally sourced ingredients in an open and safe work environment. We work incredibly hard to maintain a great working environment for our staff and help support their goals. All management outside ownership in our company has risen from the ranks within and are all female in a traditionally male space. We buy all our produce from local vendors in Philadelphia, and use sustainable paper goods when it's hygienic in the current climate to do so. 

We are seeking funding to help keep our restaurant open and to launch our new gluten free mix line for allergy-driven customers to be able to make our products at home. The funding will go to paying our staff a fair wage as they come back, current expansion project completion, sourcing ingredients, and funding the co-packer and design elements for our product launch. 

We are doing everything we can to keep our restaurant afloat through the crises of the Covid-19 pandemic and help fund our entrance into the grocery space with our gluten free product launch that we had begun working on before Covid.  By having our products mass produced, our foods can be easily accessible to anyone.  Based on our research, the market size and opportunity for Fox & Son mixes is substantial, It consists of the soy-free,  gluten-free space. There is currently no competitors specifically for making gluten free carnival favorites like corn dogs and funnel cakes. 

Because of the pandemic, we had to lower our staff of 9 to a staff of three. We are working to rehire our staff members one by one. 

Thank you so much for your attention. Any help at all is appreciated! 


The Campaign FAQs

Are you completely gluten free? 

  • Yes, there is no cross contamination at our store. We do not use gluten-containing products. 

Are you nut and soy free as well?

  • We do not use nuts in any of our recipes, we cannot certify that our sourced ingredients come from facilities that do not also process nuts. None of our fried ingredients have soy in them, but there may be soy in some of our seasonings and sauces. Please ask when ordering. 


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