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A work in progress for Mothers & Women in Mexico

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Project Description


Things have changed since we started this campaign and like most companies we've also had to change and pivot. I'll be the first to admit it has not been an easy transition, but we've worked hard to build a newish company that is poised to support women well, create jobs and make a real difference in the lives of many women if we able to get the support we need to make it happen.


As Covid-19 began to affect everything in the world, we had to take a step back, reevaluate and decide which direction we were going to take for the community we are trying to build here in Aguascalientes.

The health crisis and impending financial crisis has already taken a toll on many of the women in our community. If you’ve watched the video we made for our orginal campaign, you’ll have an idea of how hard women one Mexico have it in general, so this situation has made things much worse. With no financial cushion to fall back on, no bailouts or stimulus checks from the government, many women are closing up shop and trying to work out what to do. So Mothership Group, something I had thought would take a few years to realize, has emerged. These are the areas we will be working in.



We need help to:

  • Support our team during this time

  • Conitunue to support the women in our community through tools, resources




We explored extensively other forms of raising capital as a female led startup and the options are non-existant or dismal so finding the option to crowdfund on a platform created by women who know exactly what it’s like to  not find funding for a project/business. The IFundwomen platform offers tools, resources, coaching and support, because fundraising is hard. The human element of the whole experience is uplifting and keeps us going. They believe in us and we believe in them.

Thank you

Nanna & Mothership Team

The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much do you really need to start?

A. $100'000

Q, Can you not prepare to open a space for less money?

A. 1. To be able to create a safe space for women, firstly we need to invest in our community of people, strengthening it and creating a culture of security and authentic community. The concept and services we are offering have never been offered to women in Aguascalientes. So we need to show them that we are the solution to the needs they’ve expressed in surveys, events and focus groups. 

A.2 Where we are in Aguascalientes, everything costs more, due to the fact that there is no adherance to the few regulatory laws that put price caps on services, rents, materials, permits etc. Things are not automatically cheaper, actually we find a lot of things are far more expensive, apart from the aforementioned, lack of competetive business means other companies and services can ask for the prices they want. That is challenge for us, to really plan well how to and with whom to spend our budget.

Q. Why are you not offering all yearly memberships as part of your rewards?

A. Regardless of how big or small  female owned businesses are in Mexico, very few people generally have access to lump sums of money. This would cause a financial burden on a lot of our members that defeats the object of offering them an economically accesible & sustainable service.

Q. How do you cover Free Shipping?

A. We will be sending all our rewards from the US.




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You're a big deal and we're grateful for your donation so we'll tell the whole world about you and your generosity on our social media outlets! Thank you!!

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10.00 USD
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You're a big deal and we're grateful for your donation so we'll tell the whole world about you and your generosity on our social media outlets! Thank you!!

3 Supporters
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