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Our Foodbank Project has a campaign of it's own.

Dear Friends,

I truly hope this finds you all well.
I know we've all heard about the vital role that foodbanks have been playing in feeding people during this crisis.

When I was back in London (2017-2019), I dedicated time once every week for over year to volunteering in a foodbank as a helper. I was  later given the opportunity to co-manage the foodbank and it affirmed to me why they are so needed in the fight against poverty.


Due to the high volume of SME's in the country (72% of formal employment) and the high number of women who run their own businesses (60% nationally, 41% in my state), this situation has become dangerous, as those who choose to stay at home, find their funds quickly diminshed and those who choose to work anyway, putting themselves at a higher risk of infection.

Our Foodbank Distribution Centre, will bring much needed food and supplies to mothers and women who do not have enough to eat, a number that continues to grow by the day.

We need YOUR help to setup and get the food & supplies to the families that have already registered with us. Please consider sponsoring a care package for one of our families or sharing our project with a few friends. here's the link --->….

Thank you so much, we're really grateful.
Nanná & the Mothership Team