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A high-quality marketing video tells the story of your business.

IFundWomen's remote production services help you bring your video to life, no matter where you are.

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Check out our video packages below. 

In-Studio Video

A high-quality pitch video you can use for every purpose. This package includes: 

  • One (1) 2 - 3-minute pitch video, licensed imagery & music edited into your video
  • Seamless implementation of your custom graphics, style, and branding
  • One (1) round of edits

*This purchase is non-refundable; you have one year from the date of purchase to create your video

+ $2,499

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Remote Video

Get a beautiful video without ever having to step foot in a studio. We will use your footage, graphics, and voice to create a story-driven video you can be proud of.  This package includes the following:

  • Virtual pre-production support whether you are producing DIY on-camera footage or a voice-over.
  • One (1) 2 - 3-minute pitch video, licensed imagery & music edited into your video
  • Seamless implementation of your custom graphics, style, and branding
  • One (1) round of edits

*This purchase is non-refundable; you have one year from the date of purchase to create your video

+ $1,999

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With our remote video package, our production team can produce a gorgeous, high-quality, professionally-produced marketing video for your business in just three easy steps.

Pre-production support

Our producers will get on the phone with you to coach you through honing your pitch, choosing your shooting location, developing your shot list, and making sure you are set up with all of the equipment you need to ensure that your smartphone or camera is capturing professional, high-quality footage.

Hit record

YOU film your pitch video and b-roll. Read our video production guide above or watch Chapter 5 of the IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding eCourse for more tips on shooting and recording your own video. 

Final video

You send us your footage and the IFW production team edits together a beautiful, 2-3 min, high-quality marketing video for your business featuring a custom branded graphics package, licensed music, one round of edits, and more!


What do I do if I don't have a camera?

No camera? No problem. You can use your own smartphone to film your video footage! The most important thing to remember is to hold your phone horizontally while you are shooting! Download the IFW DIY Production Guide for some tips on affordable accessories you can buy to improve the quality of your smartphone footage!

Does that mean someone needs to film me?

Nope! Not necessarily. While it's good to have someone behind the camera (or smartphone) providing you with some direction and support as you film, it's not essential. The IFW production team supports you virtually in all the big decisions related to filming your video - location, shot list, script, and more! Then, all you need to do is set up your shot and press record! 

Does that mean I have to do all of the work?

Think of us as your co-producers and editors for your video! The IFW production team is just as invested in the success of your video as you are! We are (virtually) with you every step of the way, and then, once your footage is filmed, you hand the content over to us and our professional editors put together a gorgeous, high-quality marketing video for your business that you can be proud of!

What is B-Roll and how do I get it?

B-roll is the extra footage of you and your product or service, separate from your direct-to-camera pitch, that will help your audience better understand your business and add dimension to the visual story you are telling.

What is IFW doing if I am doing all of the filming?

The IFW production team will provide you with 1:1 private coaching to hone your pitch, choose your shooting location, create your shot list, and consult on what accessories you may need for your video camera or smartphone. Most importantly, we do all of the editing - turning your ~1-2 hours of footage into a professionally-produced, 2-3 minute pitch video for your crowdfunding campaign or general marketing purposes!

Can IFW provide footage for me?

With the IFW video package, you will get access to stock footage and imagery as needed to make sure your video is as compelling and engaging as possible. And don't worry - our editors do the heavy lifting and pick out all of the footage for you!

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