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Covid-19 Response Update

Dear Friends,

As mentioned previously, we have temporarily changed the focus of our campaign due to the pandemic we are facing. We've joined forces with Childrens Cup here in Aguascalientes Mexico ( to provide 77 families of the children that would normally be fed on a daily basis in their centers, care packages of food water and a small medical kit, as we are about to enter complete lockdown.

We're still raising the funds because the easiest  most cost efficient and secure way to get these packages to the 300 families, is by buying wholsesale and using a small group of people in a safely disinfected warehouse to work on the packages and distrubte them. So far we have confirmed:
59 families of 2-4 people

38 families of 4-6 poeple

7 families of  6-8 people

We are registering all families and giving the  mothers who are interested in receiving help from us, Mothership Business Kits.

We've also teamed up with Lion's Club Mexico ( who will be supporting us with a warehouse, helping hands and some donations.

Thank you for supporting our journey to raise capital for our business, would you consider sharing our campiaign with people in your community so we can get the 300 care packges to families that are already affected due to job losses and lack of any kind of income because of Covid-19?

Personally as a team, we have also found ourselves in a difficult financial situation as our campaign has been quite slow, we have not been abe to pay our salaries for a few months, donating to our Yearly Membership Reward  would cover the cost of our entire team's monthly salary for April. We would really appreciate all the help we can get in that. Thank you!

With Gratitude
Nanná & Mothership Team x