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IFundWomen & Girlboss have teamed up to help entrepreneurs achieve their biggest ambitions—with access to the capital, coaching, and connections they need to launch and grow better businesses. No more waiting, It’s time to get funded. Sign up below to be a part of the IFundWomen + Girlboss Crowdfunding Community and connect with an IFundWomen coach to get started on your crowdfunding journey. 

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IFundWomen x Girlboss is going to help you level up your biz. From building an engaging Instagram to setting up your Google analytics to (of course) fundraising, these Girlboss Exclusive coaching packages are designed to get you through it no matter where you are on your journey.


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Clinton, MT

Naturally Inspired Wellness

True, ethically sourced and made with love. That is what sets us apart from out competition, besides having the purest products.

1% Funded
31Days Left
Health + Science
Murfreeboro, TN

A Vote of Her Own

History meets Musical Theatre
A new musical that tells the story of the last campaign to win voting rights for American women

9% Funded
91Days Left
Art + Music
Chicago, IL

Plantidote App Development

Plantidote is a personalized cannabis app to fit individual wellness. We need funding for development, advertising, and team compensation.

0% Funded
0Days Left
Health + Science
Santa monica, CA


Reviving Women's Health through Ethical Weight Loss and Leadership Programs.

14% Funded
0Days Left
Health + Science
Tampa, FL

What's Your ID?

At Instinctively Different, we’re here to help you express your beautiful difference with handmade interior furnishings.

2% Funded
0Days Left
Business Services