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Pride is a riot.

Protest with your wallet by funding these Queer founders today.

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Pride was never just a celebration. It has always been a protest. The Stonewall Riots back in 1969 were led by the legendary Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, two Black and Brown trans women. They were the catalyst of the gay rights movement, and what we know as Pride today.

This Pride, and forever, IFundWomen is committed to driving funding to ALL women-owned businesses. We launched this page with the goal of driving dollars to Queer communities across the globe by making it easier for generous people to fund them. If you’re looking for a way to make an immediate positive impact on the Queer community, consider funding these campaigns.

Are you a Queer founder looking to raise capital? Start a campaign on IFundWomen to be featured below and start raising money today.

Columbia, SC

Azalea Coffee Bar

Azalea Coffee Bar believes in supporting women through coffee. We only serve coffees produced by women.

17% Funded
0Days Left
Social Good
St. petersburg, FL

In Re:trospeQt Podcast

In RetrospeQt is a bi-weekly interview-style podcast providing advice, support, and guidance for the next generation of QTPOC.

42% Funded
0Days Left
Modern Media
Alameda, CA


Changing How High School Games are Scheduled

17% Funded
0Days Left
New york, NY

Bad Apple Produce

We're a grocery delivery service with a reduce food waste, and we're fundraising to feed hungry New Yorkers.

57% Funded
0Days Left
Social Good
Winter haven, FL


theLexperience LLC is an empowering multimedia news co, promoting positive news about women, born from our own fight for social justice!

5% Funded
0Days Left
Modern Media
West islip, NY


Why Women? Tattoo culture is heavily male dominated making the tattoo experienced skewed. That's where Ink Minx comes in!

19% Funded
0Days Left
Art + Music