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Pride is a riot.

Protest with your wallet by funding these Queer founders today.

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This Pride, and forever, IFundWomen is committed to driving funding to Queer-owned businesses. According to a survey led by non-profit Start Out, more than a third of those surveyed chose to keep their sexual orientation hidden while fundraising. 

As we mark the start of Pride Month, IFundWomen is proud and honored to spotlight the brave Queer founders who have chosen IFundWomen as their fundraising platform. Queer founders are fundraising on IFundWomen right now to launch, grow, and strengthen their innovative businesses. Fund them today—we’ve made it easy for you.

Are you a Queer founder looking to raise capital? Start a campaign on IFundWomen to be featured below and start raising money today.

Vancouver, BC

Shivanesce Wellness Inc

Shivanesce Wellness is a trauma-informed and culturally-blended company with the aim of increasing mental health awareness and access

100% Funded
0Days Left
Health + Science
Detroit, MI

Heavy On The Feelings: Pilot Season

Conversations, much like cooking, are guided by the freedom to feel. A Detroit-based Youtube series creating space for emotional nourishment

9% Funded
0Days Left
Modern Media
Miami, FL

Kalani + Wolf

Kalani + Wolf is Miami’s first retail + creative safe space where BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Allied brands, & the community come together.

8% Funded
0Days Left
Art + Music
Social Good
Austin, TX

Capri's Apothecary

This campaign is to raise money for LLC'ing, backpaying contributors & myself, as well as restock inventory for my Apothecary.

60% Funded
0Days Left
Art + Music
Business Services
Social Good