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Business financial planning in a crisis




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May 1, 2020 • 12:30PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

During a crisis, a recession historically follows. We are in the eye of the storm. The financial steps you take now are critical to if your business sinks, treads, or swims. Without a financial crisis, 60% of businesses are either losing money or just breaking even, things only get worst during these trying times. It's imperative to take the proper financial actions now to ensure your business does only survive, but that it swims. Join IFundWomen and Financial Coach & Consultant, Marguerite Pressley Davis, for a strategic and interactive session on how to prepare your business for a recession. Learn how to manage your cash balance, how to find expenses you can trim, and how to manage taking on new debt or current loans.


We suggest coming to the workshop with your own business financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement) prepared in order to gain maximum value out of this workshop. If you don't have this prepared, no worries! We recommend watching the live replay of "The Basics of Business Budgeting" in our IFundWomen Workshop Library


  • 45 minutes of course instruction from Financial Coach & Consultant, Marguerite Pressley Davis, 15 minutes of open AMA style questions

  • 10% off Marguerite's Signature "Your Profit Playbook" Financial Coaching Program – a 10 week online group coaching program to help you gain financial clarity and build the ultimate financial plan that will allow you to build, grow, scale, and sustain a PROFITABLE business

  • 10% off Marguerite's SBA Loan Financial Prep Support private consulting session 

  • Access the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • How to manage your cash balance and make sure you have adequate runway

  • How to trim fixed and flexible costs

  • How to manage taking on new debts or paying down current loans

Course lessons


Your current financial state

Examine your current financial position in iight of your near-term financial needs and identify a possible path forward for your business. 

Managing Expenses

Trim the fat! Learn how to identify fixed vs flexible costs and how to strategically cut or negotiate your expenses.

Managing Runway

Learn how to manage your cash balance and make sure you have adequate runway.

Managing Debt & Credit

Learn how to manage taking on new debt like Small Business Loans or lines of credit and what the best practice is for paying down your current debt. 

Your Strategic Plan

Use Marguerite's expert criteria to create a path forward for your business that will help your business stay afloat 6 months out, 12 months out, & longer. 

About the coach

Marguerite, a successful entrepreneur, business strategist, and financial expert spent the early stages of her career on Wall Street as a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs, controlling over a $2 billion portfolio of private equity, alternative energy, and commercial real estate investments and the Clinton Foundation supporting them on their Economic Opportunity Initiative working with small business owners to stimulate the economy in underserved communities. She transitioned after business school at NYU into a successful career as a Manager in the Global Mergers and acquisitions consulting practice at Deloitte Consulting, focused on advising fortune 500 companies to grow and scale their businesses through muti-million-dollar mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

Marguerite continued to push the ceiling when she sought out to make wedding planning less stressful and more fun for brides and created Tulle la la in 2015, a global retail technology company that combines technology with a project management based approach to wedding planning. Tulle la la has pampered and prepared brides all over the world including ABC's bachelorettes, Olympic gold medalists and so many more. She grew from one product offering in one city to 11 product offerings across 5 Continents within the first two years. In 2018 Tulle la la won the modern luxury diamond award for Best Wedding Technology. Today, tulle la la services thousands of brides each year and can be found in retail stores across the globe.

After over a decade in the financial industry, and after building a global retail technology company, Marguerite now focuses her attention on her Small Business Financial Coaching agency where she helps small businesses & entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into more profitable versions of themselves. Here she serves as a business financial strategist & CFO to these entrepreneurs and small businesses, including Comcast NBC universal, Marcy ventures partners, and Serena Williams backed companies, helping position them for sustainable financial growth.

Marguerite was named Atlanta’s 40 Under 40 by Atlanta Business Chronicle, has been mentioned in Forbes top 100 websites for women, Forte Foundation. Co-Authored “Girl Power Uncensored” with her chapter “From Wall Street To Healing Main Street”, is an accredited angel investor, creator of Your Profit Playbook® - the leading business financial planning training platform, and now host of her brand new podcast show, “Finance Savvy CEO”.

Marguerite is passionate about the topic of entrepreneurship and small business financial planning. She uses her unique financial skillset to help bridge the wealth gap by helping small business owners to run more profitable businesses and is always excited to speak on this topic.

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