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Durham, NC

iFund AHURA Initiative

The world is evolving, so should we! A new way to fund in a society that can be short of generosity + kindness – let’s create together!

1% Funded
41Days Left
Health + Science
Rochester, NY

Chocolate Mindfulness

Helping companies with team building to decrease stress and increase mindfulness in the workplace using chocolate instead of trust falls.

3% Funded
13Days Left
Los angeles, CA

The State of Fem Art

Help #SoFemArt to launch our mobile application and web development project to bring resources directly to women in visual & performing arts

22% Funded
38Days Left
Art + Music
San diego, CA

You Belong Here

Elevating Creatives to Economic Empowerment by launching an arts-based business incubator, the #StartHere Creative Arts Business Fellowship

34% Funded
61Days Left
Business Services
Washington, DC


A Community and Platform on a Mission to Help 1 Million Women Get Promoted by 2030

57% Funded
37Days Left
Modern Media
Social Good
Washington, DC


The Cosmusic™ app creates a personal theme song based on your astrology!

3% Funded
29Days Left
Art + Music
Bel air, MD


people + planet. in that order.

36% Funded
30Days Left
Carlsbad, CA

Being Better

Offering holistic and accessible pelvic physical therapy and education to help people feel the most confident and free in their bodies.

97% Funded
3Days Left
Health + Science
Hanalei , HI

'Rising from the Ashes'

After several years of set backs, a Volcano evacuation, landslides and covid, we are rising from the ashes and would love your help!

0% Funded
6Days Left
Chicago, IL

Luxury without the cost

I strive to make all women and young girls to be able to look luxurious without the cost. You don’t have to go bankrupt to look lovely

0% Funded
7Days Left
Business Services