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Litty Bird Update: 5 Days Left and almost to goal!

Hello amazing backers!

I have just five more days of the campaign and I'm thrilled to be less than $3K from my goal* thanks to all of your help! Did you know that campaigns that are fully funded get a shot at pitching in front of investors? 

I wanted to let you know that I received the July Pay-It-Forward Grant from iFundWomen, which recognizes three of the most promising campaigns on the platform. This enabled me to offer a special discount on the Wide Wing Strap, bringing it to just $39 (which is close to cost). If you were thinking that you would love to add a strap so you have choices, now is the time!

I also added a moonshot reward with a $1K Bespoke Hero Package to accelerate the raising of capital. Just in case you are feeling extra generous on this summer evening!

I have received over 10% of my funding simply from friends sharing these products. So if you are inclined to let your friends in on the amazing comfort and versatility of Litty Bird, I would greatly appreciate it! (Here are some quick links to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

Here is the campaign link again, just in case you feel like adding anything before the end:

I cannot possibly express my gratitude for your help in support of this dream!

Thank you!!!
Sara Axelbaum

(*Remember: Even if I don't reach the $15K goal, you will absolutely receive your product! The order has already been placed at the factory and I'm awaiting it to be scheduled on the line.)