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Atlanta, GA

Brand Camp

Bringing female founders together to grow, learn, and connect in ways that really matter when it comes to running a business.

8% Funded
1,800.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services
Sioux falls , SD

The Kitchen

A Co-working and Community Space for the Women of Sioux Falls

11% Funded
10,700.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services
Toronto, ON

Evolve Showrooms

I am a new, young, female entrepreneur and I need funding in order to grow my business!

2% Funded
650.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services
Silverspring, MD

Tour My Dream

With your help to Tour My Dream Campaign we will become real!
You will change lives of many at the other side of the world.

0% Funded
0.00 USD Raised
Days Left
Business Services