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This is a monthly grant where IFundWomen reinvests 20% of our standard crowdfunding fee revenue into live campaigns on the site. To be considered for an IFundWomen Pay-It-Forward Grant, you need to crowdfund on our platform and crush your campaign.  Watch us announce our past winners on YouTube

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Grant Winners

Meet our July Pay-It-Forward Winners. 

Orion Brown

BlackTravelBox is the only brand focused on serving Black travel industry with clean, luxury hair and skincare products that are made for life on the go.

Kelly Brown and Maya Haynie

deVine is a Black-women owned plant store based in Northern New Jersey whose goal is to make plant care a part of your self-care ritual. The grand opening of their retail store was just a few weeks ago!

Dawn Rivers

Daybreak Yoga is the only Black women-owned yoga studio in Ohio. Daybreak Yoga is a safe space for ALL individuals to practice yoga providing accessible practices in a fun, light, and engaging way.

Emily Robb

NoPac Foods will be the first full-service zero-waste grocery chain with inventory specifically selected to consider environmental and health impacts, with no packaging waste designated to go to landfills. Find everything you would at a conventional grocery store, but without the plastic waste.

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