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IFundWomen of Color


If you can find it, you can fund it! IFundWomen of Color was created, with our founding partner Caress, to empower diverse entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life. How do we do it? By applying the IFundWomen Method of providing access to debt-free capital through crowdfunding and business grants, expert business and fundraising coaching, and intros to lucrative connections, IFWOC entrepreneurs can grow their ideas into profitable, sustainable businesses, faster.


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What you get:

IFundWomen of Color is here to provide you access to: 

Workshop Access Plan membership

Get one year of unlimited access to semi-private workshops & classes and guidance through the IFundWomen Crowdfunding eCourse & Toolkit.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Opportunities in key markets where our entrepreneurs are so you can learn and build your personal networks.

access to a private slack community

Accepted members will have access to a private Slack community - a safe space to discuss their challenges and obstacles and collaborate with peers and coaches for solutions.


Gain exposure and grow your audience through IFWOC as we share the story of you and your business.

An opportunity to win a grant + coaching from Caress

Caress can help grow your dream! Whether you have a small business or are jumpstarting your side hustle, Caress wants to provide you with the education, tools, and resources to take your dreams to the next level. Through the Caress Dreams to Reality Fund, 150 diverse founders will receive $2,500 in grants and coaching scholarships to execute successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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Caress Dreams Fund

Caress can help grow your dream! Whether you have a small business or are jumpstarting your side hustle, Caress wants to provide diverse founders with the education, tools, and resources to take your dreams to the next level. Over the course of two cohorts throughout 2022, 60 diverse founders will be selected (30 per program) to each receive a $5,000 grant and access to valuable resources that will set them up for success and reach their funding goals through crowdfunding campaigns. Applications for the Spring cohort are now closed.

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Since our launch earlier this year, we've been hard at work building the IFundWomen of Color community from the ground up, and the response has been incredible. The women in our community are reimagining how we build and use retail spaces, carving out space for Black Women in wellness, tackling food deserts in Brooklyn, and more. You want to get in on this. 

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IFundWomen Method Playbook

The IFundWomen Method Playbook is an end-to-end campaign planner: pitch honing, network mapping, rewards P&L, and marketing planner. This will be your crowdfunding bible during your campaign.


IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding eCourse

Designed with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind, this FREE e-course will teach you how to use the IFundWomen Method to hone your pitch, map your network, strategically estimate your fundraising goal, market to your target audience, and design rewards that sell.

Don’t just take our word for it. 84% of people who’ve taken this course say they feel "way more confident" to hit their crowdfunding goal. 

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Campaign Guide

The IFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign Guide is a crash course on how to crowdfund. Think broad strokes to give you an idea of what to expect. Go check it out and then we highly recommend that you take the time to watch our free crowdfunding eCourse where you can really get into the details of planning your campaign.

Campaign Guide

Fund campaigns

Richmond, TX

Where friendships are built to last

Luxlife is a friend finding social networking app for women, by women. LuxLife strives to help women create & maintain genuine friendships.

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Brooklyn center, MN

Afrokaribe: Coach Training

VF Solutions' next step is building a Teacher Training program that breaks the mold of typical fitness training - for and by BlPOC women.

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Health + Science


It's time to bring your dreams to life.


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