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Welcome to the IFundWomen Crowdfunding eCourse


In this course, you will learn how to raise the most money possible through crowdfunding, how to pitch like a pro, and marketing tactics that are applicable to crowdfunding and your business in general.


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Lesson 1

Take control of your funding future and learn to crowdfund like a pro with the IFundWomen Coaches!


Why you should watch this course

IFundWomen is widely recognized as the crowdfunding industry leader for women-owned businesses.  The IFundWomen Team is uniquely qualified to solve the funding gap problem. We are our customers. IFundWomen was founded by a diverse group of people who have walked the path of entrepreneurship, and who have struggled to get funding for our businesses.
Designed with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind, this FREE course will teach you how to use the IFundWomen Method to hone your pitch, map your network, strategically estimate your fundraising goal, market to your target audience, and design rewards that sell. Don’t just take our word for it. 84% of people who’ve taken this course say they plan to see a massive improvement in their campaign.

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The IFundWomen Method drives a 27x higher raise than the crowdfunding industry average.


  • 120 minutes of video instruction from the experts

  • Guided help using the IFundWomen Method Playbook

  • Real-world examples of successful campaigns and their strategies

  • Quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Links and suggestions to our most trusted resources, tools, and products

  • Downloadable charts, PDFs, and worksheets to keep you accountable

Course lessons


Lesson 1: Crowdfunding Basics

Find out why Crowdfunding should be the first stop on your entrepreneurship funding journey and get the tools you need to succeed.

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Lesson 2: Honing Your Pitch

Learn how to write & give an effective, persuasive pitch guaranteed to get people excited about your business.

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Lesson 3: Mapping Your Network

Learn how to use the power of your network to estimate your campaign's financial success.

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Lesson 4: Building your rewards strategy

Learn how to design rewards that matter to your audience and create partnerships that can convert to higher dollar amounts from your campaign backers.

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Lesson 5: Video & Campaign Creative

Learn how to produce a high quality video for your business – whether you're doing it yourself or hiring the IFundWomen Production team to do it for you!

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Lesson 6: Marketing your campaign

Learn how to market your campaign like a pro and convert your target market into customers.

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Lesson 7: Launching your campaign

Walk through how to use the IFundWomen platform to create your campaign and connect key integrations like Stripe, PayPal, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

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Lesson 8: Overcoming your feels

Confidence is key! Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and other annoying feels.

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"It has everything you need to get started crowdfunding successfully and the bite sized lessons make it easy to fit it into your schedule!"



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