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Yoga for Communities in Need

Leveraging yoga and restorative healing to help vulnerable communities

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Project Description


I aim to leverage the power of yoga to help communities in need, specifically AAPI survivors of violence in light of the recent shootings in Atlanta. Throughout my time working with Bay Area non-profits, one of the issues that continuously gets discussed is how we provide resources for essential workers and vulnerable communities, including for wellness and mental health as we all continue to weather the increased isolation and pressures of the pandemic. This campaign aims to make yoga more accessible to those who are not typical or target consumers of today’s commercialized yoga practices and work with women’s shelters/advocacy organizations to bring free virtual/online yoga sessions and workshops to survivors of trauma. 

Funding will be used to develop programming and remove access barriers - this aims to be a not-for-profit enterprise and serves as a passion project to give back to the community. I'll be providing updates/receipts on how the funding is being used in the community! Thank you so much for your support.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What will the programming look like? The initial thought is that this would be a series of classes and workshops; however, specific facilitation will depend on the unique needs of the shelters/organizations and will defer to their best judgment for program execution.
  • Who will be teaching the classes? I'll be requesting the services of predominantly instructors of color, especially those how are trauma-informed. 



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