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holy guacamole, batwoman!

Hello there, happy November! 2 really exciting things have happened in the last 24 hours:

  1. We submitted our finalized book pages to our printer in NY. Whoohooo...our books are officially being printed and taking the title of THE. MOST. DIVERSE. BOARD. BOOKS. evah!
  2. iFundWomen awarded us their Pay It Forward grant, so we are inches away from our $15k goal. We only need to sell 73 more book sets ($24 each).

Can you help us reach our goal by spreading the word? 

Encourage your friends (and Facebook groups) to (you can cut & paste the following):

Diversify your bookshelves with help from No other book features as much gender, ability, and racial diversity as their We Are Little Feminists board book series! There is no reason not to add them to your bookshelf today - just 2 days left!