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Thank You & Updates

Jan 2, 2020 Update

Thank you for visiting our campaign and thank you to all who have contributed to our campaign.  I am writing to update you that since launching our campaign, 3 schools in the Los Angeles region booked us for assemblies and we raised an additional $40,000 (not reflected on this platform):

- $10k from Capezio via Good Morning America: 

- $20k from Farmers Insurance

- $10k from 4.0 Schools 

For 4.0 Schools, I was selected as a "Tiny Fellow" where I will be mentored intensively on improving further developing our school assembly program through human centered design.

Moving forward, I will continue raising funds for the school assemblies (off the iFundwomen platform for the time being), while continuing to develop and improve on our school assembly program through 4.0 Schools.  We will also be opening our first batch of school assembly applications during 2020 Quarter 1.  Through our segment on Good Morning America, we received over 100 school assembly inquiries from across the USA, with most requesting sponsored assemblies. We definitely need to raise more funding to meet these demands... Every dollar counts.  Should you like to make a contribution towards the school assembly program or would to sponsor or book a specific school, please visit this page:  

I'm also exploring different ways to scale as well. 

Thank you to the team at iFundwomen and thank you for visiting our campaign.

Marisa Hamamoto, Founder, Infinite Flow

** We also continue to seek travel sponsors: airlines, hotels, ground transportation, etc. so we can serve more schools and youth outside of the Southern California region. If you fit these categories, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact founder Marisa Hamamoto at