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Shipping Update!

Some good news and some not so good news...

Let’s start with the good news!

MINI LILA exclusive onesies and “New York meets Berlin” bags are ready to ship and should be with you within the next two weeks!

For our European supporters: All your orders are about to be shipped!

Now, the not so good news...

For our Menswear supporters: We encountered an issue with sourcing but are back on track 👍🏻 and your pieces should ideally be sent out with all the other orders!

For our supporters in the US and Canada: Your pieces still have not yet cleared customs. We've been talking to every possible representative and customs agent trying to get more details on the delay. It seems like the holidays are to blame, but we’re hopeful that our package will be released soon. We’ll send an update as soon as we have a shipping estimate.

Please don’t hesitate to check in if you have additional questions.

Many thanks!

Isabell + Leith