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Woohoo - we are getting a wheelchair accessible bathroom!!!

Well I don't know whether his "other job" ended sooner than expected, or he just felt bad for leaving me high and dry with no bathroom in the shop, but the landlord came through finally! 

Last week, despite having not seen or heard from him for over a month other than the phone call telling me he was too busy to install the bathroom (what?), I came in to paint (more) walls, and there were two guys working on the bathroom. Woohooo!

It's still not finished, but I am filled with optimism that it WILL get done and I'll be able to open my shop soon!

My Creative Crew and myself have been working feverishly - painting walls, mudding bare brick walls and recycling building materials and pieces of furniture in preparation for the BIG DAY!

Thank you all for your help, and honestly, we ARE on the home stretch! Just a little more for materials, an insurance payment, getting water deposit made and some other small things and we will we OPEN FOR BUSINESS SOON!


Hugs, Mandy