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Journal Updates & Gratitude & ETAs

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to give you all some updates on the progress of Cycles Journal - I've been so wrapped up in finalizing the journal and making sure everything is as perfect as 1 human can make it :) I am finally feeling grounded again so I can write to all of you!

First of all, thank you so much. Thanks is not enough to express how grateful I am for early supporters like each of you - people who believe in the same missions I am creating for. I thank you for embracing this journey through my creation of this journal. I am so excited for all that this will help you uncover and connect to 🖤🥀

Under the full moon last Sunday night, I completed Cycles Journal 2020. The next day, I began to bleed. Much release after creation is happening. The journal is being birthed and I am in a period of moving through it all. I am full of excitement and gratitude for what has been, and for what is to come.

I submitted the journal on Monday, and after a few revisions it will be printed this upcoming week!! I cannot believe it will soon be in its physical form, existing in the world and in all of your lives :)

I appreciate all of your patience though this journey and process. Creating it was magical and fulfilling. But definitely a lot to handle, and I learned a lot along the way! I enjoyed it fully although I am excited for this next phase.

All of the merch is in except for the totes which are being printed this week! The journals should be printed by the end of this week or sometime the following week, then I will pick them up. I will begin to fulfill orders the first week of November, unless we spoke about you needing it sooner then I will be fulfilling the priority orders as soon as I receive the journals during the last week of October.

Unless you we spoke about priority or you are a wholesale order, you should expect to receive your journals sometime within November. After these orders, I will be fulfilling orders in the order I received them, with priority to international orders since they take longest. But my goal is to ship ALL pre-orders here by the end of the 2nd full week of November. (If you are in Philly and would prefer to pickup, you let me know and you can receive it sooner!)

I appreciate all of your patience during the shipping process. If you have any questions or concerns about timing let me know! Also please make sure the address you submitted when you ordered your journal is correct. Many of you have PayPal addresses, and I will use what is there unless told otherwise. If you want to double check with me, just email me at ! Better safe than sorry.

I'm so excited to get these to you and/or your loved ones!

Again, thank you, thank you. I couldn't do this without all of your support and encouragement :)


With love,

Rachael Amber