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Rewards are on their merry way...!

Hey hi hello, my fellow Betterish beings-

1.) Thank you again to every single one of you who contributed to this campaign. Lots has unfurled in these past three months of fully dedicating myself to growing Betterirsh. Stay tuned for a blog post later this week on some fun + exciting updates :)

2.) CAMPAIGN REWARDS ARE BEING SHIPPED TOMORROW + WEDNESDAY! I appreciate your patience in receiving these goodies. You should have gotten an email from me in October'ish requesting your address if for some reason I didn't come through with your contribution. 

Please search your virtual inbox for that email (it came from [email protected]) and be sure to respond ASAP with your address so that these goodies reach your real-life mailbox in time for the holidays. 

3.) Stay merry, mighty +  bright!