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We are in the last week of the campaign

We now have 7 days left in this campaign, and as of right now we have raised over $10K for this project (including a mailed check from Mom, because of tech shyness). I am in so much awe and gratitude for your support in funding this project - the book is so much more real thanks to your support.

This week, our main focus is $5 push to the Finish Line.

We are asking everyone, I mean EVERYONE to contribute $5 toward this campaign this week. We cannot meet our goal without support from everyone in my social circle plus yours. If everyone in our circles decided to support this project with a $5 contribution, we will totally exceed our $20K goal. 

Please consider giving again to this campaign by selecting Monetary Contribution. Or share the campaign link with your friends and social networks. Tag someone you think may benefit from reading my book.

We are sprinting toward the finish line now. Please stay present with us through the finish line. We appreciate and honor your support and attention so much!

- Seo & the team