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Your support motivated me to do something BIG today.


We exceed our 20K goal thanks to YOU!  I'll be in contact with you about your rewards, which will be fulfilled over the next month. 

This morning, I submitted a session proposal to speak at SHRM - the Society for Human Resource Management's annual Diversity and Inclusion conference next October (2019). GULP. 

The topic, "Delivering Innovative Mentorship Programs for Women"  featuring yours truly on why companies need to offer mentorship programs specifically designed for women.  Here are my Top 5 takeaways from the session that I hope to deliver a year from now on stage to an audience of HR leaders.

  1. One size doesn't fit all. Having a mentorship program tailed for your female employees will drive better outcomes. For the women involved, and your company.
  2. User engagement matters. You can have the best mentorship program in the world, but if women don't engage, you're not driving impact.
  3. Women connect differently than men. Having a mentorship program that allows women to connect through personal shared stories, in addition to their professional ambitions increases user satisfaction and engagement.
  4. Connection is key. Without real connection, mentorship relationships tend to feel uncomfortable and a burden to both parties.
  5. Companies who are serious about advancing women in the workplace need to formalize their mentorship offerings for women.  

Thank to you, and the confidence you have given me with your support, I took the leap and submitted this proposal. I would never have done this just one month ago.  

Thank you,