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About those conversations... đź’¬

A lot of you have been sharing the conversations that Après Delight has brought up for you and your friends, and WOW. A lot of us are talking about the same thing, and we're very hush-hush about it. (Which makes total sense.)

"Dry vagina" isn't something that most of us feel comfortable sharing openly. 

So here's my ask of you. Think about a human with a vulva in your life who you can send the link to our campaign to. They, like so many of you, might feel a sense of relief knowing that what's happening down there is not only totally normal, it's also something that has a solution AND  together we can make this all less embarrassing to talk about. 

Here's the link to our campaign. 

And as always, if you have any questions about Après Delight, feel free to reach out to us at