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Next Up: Stretch Goals! 🎁

Here we are just two days into our campaign and we already hit our initial goal of $10K.

You didn't think we were going to stop here, did you? 

Our first goal was just enough to be able to bring Après Delight to life. Now that we are confident we can meet our minimums for producing our poke potion, it's time to take it to the next level.

Our next goal is to hit $25K, and with that funding we will be able to hire a diverse group of sex educators, sexual health and wellness experts, and sex workers. 

Why a $25K goal for education?

Because we've grown up with an unlimited amount of information about how to sexually please cis men. Now it's time to flip the script. It's our turn to find pleasure on our own terms, and these people will help us learn how to do that. 

The only way to normalize conversations about sex is to have them, and we'll be doing that through blogs, events, and more. And we want to pay your support forward. 

Sound exciting? 

It is, and we hope you will help us reach our next goal. If you haven't shared this campaign with your community, we hope that you will. We've made it really easy for you with this over-the-top, hilarious video by Katie Burrell. Share it to your stories, DM it to your bestie, our share it with that guy who really needs to know that no, you weren't wet.