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Our first update and a huge THANKS to YOU!

Hi Collective Kind super supporter!

We’re beyond grateful to have made it over halfway to our goal in ONE WEEK 🤩 !! We knew we had an amazing community surrounding us, and this campaign has shown us just how lucky we are to have a network of supporters willing to financially step up and also spread the word for us! BRAVO and THANK YOU to each of you!!

This next week will be crucial in our crowdfunding efforts as we hope to continue a steady upward climb and to avoid the dreaded plateau effect mid-way campaigns sometimes experience. Your willingness to pass along our campaign to your own communities who will benefit from our message is what will keep us climbing! Check out our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for posts to share, or feel free to send out a message via email or on any relevant parent, caregiver, educator and community listservs.

As we continue to raise funds, look out for some fun rewards we will unlock each week. This week we unlocked the caregiver bundle - and if you gave at the $500 level and want to take part, please reach out and we will be sure to make note!


Anna Caroline, Anna and Clara

The Collective Kind Team