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Progress update

Hello all! I wanted to give you a quick update on the book's progress.

1. Restoration is more than half done! It's been a bit slower than expected due to competing projects, but we've been using Digikore to help us out and it's coming along well. Please keep in mind we are doing a light restoration on these pages, which means that uneven colouration will still be present, our goal is to repair damage due to time and make the book readable, without effecting the original colour palette much.

2. New updates: We've found an additional 3 stories that we didn't have before! We're scanning these in to be included in the final volume.

3. New updates: The estate of the creator, Adolphe Barreaux, has reached out to us, and are assisting us with factual accuracy in the introduction. We are very grateful for their assistance!

4. New updates: Using funds raised from the Kickstarter, and as a thank you for your funding, we have commissioned a high-profile artist to create an exclusive bookplate for all funders! We expect them to have it completed by end of September.

5. General, release date: We expect the book to be sent to the printer by end of September, and begin shipping mid October 2018.