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We're LIVE!

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to share the absolutely amazing news that Grant Blvd’s online store is live & open for business! I’m so proud of our first lines- intimate collections of handpicked, carefully curated pieces, each made using reclaimed fabrics. Why? Because this is the highest level of sustainability fashion can achieve- no new water usage, no new chemical usage, no new waste. The focus this fall is on plaids & flannel- fabrics just perfect for fall weather. invite you to visit our store at: and to spread the link with those you know who are looking for trendy clothing made with a mindfulness for the future of the environment & companies with positive social impact. That said we’ll be shipping the final set of crowdfund rewards this week!

Additionally, after reviewing 36 applications (each of which was submitted by a woman with a great idea) the Great Dame Pitch Competition selected Grant Blvd a top 6 finalist!  The event took place tonight in Wilmington, DE and I brought my passion for the potential of this company with me to the stage. The winner (fingers crossed!) will receive social & financial capital valued at $25,000 which includes social & financial capital- things all businesses need to thrive.

Finally, Grant Blvd had the honor of being featured on Erin Boyle's blog, “Read My Tea Leaves” this month! So exciting! The truth is that none of our success would be possible without the hard work of Madelynne (our senior graphic designer) or YOU! And Team Grant Blvd continues growing in such beautiful ways- in my next email update I’ll introduce to our newest members. I can’t wait for you to meet them!



Kimberly McGlonn

Chief Waymaker, Grant Blvd