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Grant Blvd’s crowdfund campaign is now 92% funded! Some of this progress is thanks to the IFundWomen team who awarded us an awesome “Pay-It-Forward” grant, but MOST of it is due to people like YOU!

In other news, we’re making progress on filling reward orders just as fast as we can! That said, we deeply, deeply appreciate your patience. We’re also hard at work on all the behind-the-scenes goodness that getting Grant Blvd off to the strongest possible start demands. This goodness includes creating collaborations with those who have long been working to support citizens returning from incarceration such as the Philadelphia Coalition for Reentry. This coalition is body which brings agencies & organizations working on addressing reentry in Philadelphia together, which is why we just officially joined them. We also recently attended a training sponsored by Ardella’s House in collaboration with the Philadelphia D.A.’s office. Ardella’s House is a transitional program established to address pressing issues of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. We’re so incredibly excited to support their work to empower women specifically.

Our crowdfund is wrapping up and we’re sooooo close to meeting our funding goal (just $1,400 to go)! If you haven’t done so, please share our link with 2 or 3 other like-minded folks. Every dollar contributed will be put to use in moving ALL of our communities and the health of our planet forward.



Kimberly McGlonn

Founder/CEO/Creative Director, Grant Blvd