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Thank You FAB LAB BACKER! Victory Party TONIGHT - invitation enclosed

Dear Friends + Family + Fans of The Fab Lab:


Over the past 40 days, 412 of you have come together to resource the mission of TFL in the amount of $57,935 (and counting!). Your collective contributions, kind words, encouragement, and support are so far beyond appreciated, there aren't words enough to tell.

So much goes into the making of every episode including (but not limited to)

  • weeks of project development and design

  • fact checking and research

  • coordinating kids, locations, and volunteers 

  • hours and hours and hours of production + editing 

  • gobs of love and whimsy

Your generosity has made all that and more possible for yet another year. Because of you, to the above list, I will be able to add a small budget for set design, transportation, and - for the first time ever - marketing AND produce even more episodes than ever before in the shows nearly 8 year history. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To celebrate this incredibleness, I'm throwing a super quick toast this evening in the Pearl District PDX (see invitation below). **If you CAN make it, please shoot me an email by 3pm today so I'll have a rough idea of how many sips and fruit snacks I should grab. (Click here to send email now.)

I know it's last minute and many of you are not located in the Portland area so no pressure. Either way, a glass will be risen for you.

Thank you again and great love. Stay tuned for updates on rewards and progress of the next season of The Fab Lab!


Crazy Aunt Lindsey