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Claim your rewards!

Greetings Asparagus supporters! You may not have heard from Gus HQ in a while, but I haven't forgotten about you. I'm juggling a lot of different things right now, but one of them is trying to get crowdfunding rewards sent out soon. For which I need your help!

I sent an email earlier this week to all supporters who opted to receive rewards, titled "Claim your Crowdfunding Rewards." (If you opted to give a no-rewards Monetary Contribution, I didn't send you the email, so you haven't missed anything.) The message contained a link to a form collecting addresses and reward preferences, and so far just over half of reward recipients have filled it out. If that includes you, thank you!

If you're one of the 70 or so supporters who haven't filled in the form yet, please find that email and send your responses ASAP. That way I can be sure to order the right quantities of the different designs, so you get the rewards you want. Thank you for your time, and for helping Asparagus grow!