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Of The Night Is Delivering The Roaring 20's To Your Doorstep!

It's been a while since we delivered an outrageous party package directly to your doorstep. So we decided to release our April experience just a wee bit early. And this time.. the experience is available NATIONWIDE.


Inspired by the Bright Young Things bohemian socialites of 1920's London, this gaggle of misfits were known for trailblazing parties, late night treasure hunts, and hedonistic behaviour. 

Of The Night is delivering all their outlandish, lavish, my-only-worry-is-my-hangover hijinks directly to your front door. All you have to do is say “Darling, Yes…Where do I sign?!”

Reserve Your Bright Young Things Package HERE

The Deets:

- This limited edition party package is only available via our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign

- Each party package is $190 and for a party of 2

- Packages are shipped to any zip code on April 15th

Only 50 Packages Available

Cheer's to our new Roaring Twenties. Three…Two…One…Order!