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Aug 26 - Tentative ETA set

Progress is happening!  

After wondering if the Truli Wetsuits inventory that you contributed to through crowdfunding would be ready on schedule, when they would get on a container ship, and then with a looming Canadian Border Services Agency strike (settling quickly early August), my broker finally messaged a tentative travelling schedule for these wetsuit beauties!

ETD Ho Chi Minh: July 15 (Actual Departed)

ETD Kaohsiung port: To be advised

ETA Vancouver port: Sept 5

ETA Toronto Rail Terminal: Sept 19 (we will provide the update ETA to Toronto once shipment loading on the rail)

ETA Toronto Bond Warehouse & Delivery: To be advised

If you pre-ordered a Truli Wetsuits and have yet to receive yours, the new inventory is currently underway and transiting to the Truli HQ in Ontario, Canada.  As you can see from the last update on July 13, the schedule will most likely change, but it at least gives us a good idea.  I am VERY happy to see this progress!

The price of container shipping rates from overseas has increased 5 times according to the Business of Fashion.  But there's a reason I will continue to work with this overseas manufacturer and build domestically what's not yet available here to balance out the challenges of international supply chain.  

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Here's to good Truli Wetsuit news coming soon!

Yours Truli,