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What a ride...and it's just beginning!

Wow, trailblazers.

We were optimistic and excited (and yes, a bit nervous!) when we publicly launched our campaign yesterday — would people "get it"? Would what we're building with OwnTrail resonate? Would people care?

You answered loud and clear: Y-E-S! 

Thank you so much for every dollar contributed, every social media post, every email and message of support and enthusiasm. Our hearts are full, and we've never been more committed to building OwnTrail, so you (and womxn everywhere) can feel seen, be inspired, get and give guidance and prove that there's absolutely no one right path through life. 

So let's do this! Take a minute today to share OwnTrail and our campaign with a friend (or 3!). Here are two sample posts you can put on social media, email or a text (or feel free to write something all your own!):

  • 75% of women aren't getting or giving the mentorship they want. It's time we reimagine mentorship. OwnTrail is building a new solution, and you can be a part of the journey:
  • Every woman is a trailblazer. Join OwnTrail is shining a light on the fact that there's no single right path through life. Learn more and check out their iFundWomen campaign:

Be sure to tag @owntrail, and we'll amplify your posts! And follow us if you're not already...we'll be sharing some new rewards and exciting updates over the next 29 days (hint: one of them definitely involves circus arts.)

With love, solidarity and gratitude,

Kt, Rebekah and Carolyn