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Production & Some Important Announcements

Hey Mr. Crew,

Happy 11 day countdown to the end of our campaign! I'm excited to share our first 'update'.

Looking Back

We have reached 98% of our fundraise target with over 150 backers. That. is. huge. My personal goal is to have as many pre-orders as we can prior to launch.

So thank you for ordering and thank you in advance for sharing the link with your friends/ family to help us finish stronger than we could without you.

Looking Ahead

We have approved our pre-production sample for full production. Development photos of the cartons are available HERE

Our August newsletter is going out next Friday. You won't want to miss our content refresh. Sign up on our website here and we'll be sure you get a copy. 

Immediately following the close of our campaign you will receive an email with several important links! The email will include (1) a link for you to order the GETMr. bottle on our website with an 100% discount applied along with the directions for redeeming the rest of your rewards. We are extending several of the rewards, such as our skin care talks to everyone who supported us, regardless of donation size. Because skin health is for everyone.  

As always, be well, wear and share SPF,

Every Damn Day. 

Dr. G & E