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Rebuild SHAKTIBARRE Campaign Update

Good morning beautiful people,

Friends, family, students - all of you, thank you wholeheartedly for donating so far. Your donations are making a HUGE difference in having a chance of reopening Williamsburg and launching an app someday to make our fitness modalities globally helpful and accessible.

That being said, we're devastated to announce the fundraiser as-is (and even if it were to hit it's goal at this point) is not enough to save SHAKTIBARRE HARLEM. Our community there has been devastatingly impacted - both financially and health-wise - by these tumultuous times. Here is a very detailed summary of what happened at Shakti Harlem, as well as how we'll continue supporting our students there even after the physical studio is gone.

That being said, your donation and any future ones you may be able to make can still support Harlem by way of the programming mentioned above. And, your generosity is certainly making it more possible for our Williamsurg location to reopen someday as both that location and the app have a better financial chance of doing so.

That being said, SHAKTIBARRE overall continues to be at-risk like MANY wellness centers in New York City. Please keep spreading the word and we will continue to update you as we know more. Thank you and we love you so much <3