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UPDATE: Litty Bird Crowd Funding Campaign is EXTENDING!

Hi there wonderful backers! Sara here with a few updates about the campaign:

1- We are extending the end date to August 17th! Why? There are some upcoming press opportunities that we are vying for and we want to make sure if those come to fruition that all the buyers have a chance to buy. Please cross your fingers and toes that these happen! One key piece to get press exposure and to show that these products are viable in market is to show large sales in a small amount of time. That is why we are crowd funding!

Dinah Tote with Film Grey Wide Wing Strap

2- We are almost to $10,000! $10K is the magic number for the first run of production at the factory. While I plan to produce these regardless of what funding is reached, having enough sales to support the first run would be AMAZING! The listed goal of $15K on the campaign is to have enough extra products on hand to test all future promotions and sales channels: wholesale, retail, direct sale through e-commerce, accessory/retail shows, conventions, and hopefully more press (sampling is key!) If you have been debating ordering an extra strap or have a friend you think would be interested, please buy more and share more:

The order will still be going to the factory in early August and all supplies are on their way to the factory in Newark, NJ from around the world as we speak. Extending the campaign will not delay the manufacturing!

If you ordered a strap, you should have already received a survey to choose which strap you want. If you have not, please let me know ASAP!

The support I have received from each and every one of you is the most heart warming and incredible gift. Thank you for your support and for your patronage!


Sara Axelbaum