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Thank You | A Message from Our Founder

Today the government of NYC mandated the immediate closure of all non-essential business. Although this decision was inevitable following the ban on large groups, New York City residents are searching desperately for ways to stay afloat. 

“Our lives are changing in ways that were unimaginable just a week ago.” 

New York has now closed all restaurants, bars, salons, pubic schools, theater’s  and venues throughout the city. The COVID-19 infection rates in NYC have grown, making it the highest in the country and we are only at the beginning of the spread of this virus. Which is why we must continue to honor any and all mitigation efforts to flatten the curve while ensuring a low mortality rate. 

I thank you for taking the time to donate to this campaign and many like it. Your actions through fiscal and emotional support for not just artists but your neighbors and community continue to prove that people are more important than profit and that our collective efforts can help shape our society for what it could be! 

We can’t wait for this to be over. In the meantime cherish your people. Support your neighbors and artists by simply checking in. Most importantly, stay home if you can. 

With light, 

Brittany Franklin 

Founder, Cerebral Entertainment