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Phoenix: Making Mental Health & Healing Accessible

You deserve a safe place to heal.

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Project Description

What if you could get instant, empathetic support in the moments you need it most? Using modern tools and a collective-care model, we’re offering unprecedented access to high-quality mental health care.

Welcome to Phoenix.


We're a vibrant community for Healing, Connection, and Support.


Join our healing revolution:


 🌟 Gain access to healing experiences that center your mental wellness.


👋 Connect with a community of self healers & trauma survivors.


🧠 Take a custom Phoenix Journey to deepen your healing experience.


❤️ Stay up to date with a feed of healing content centering diverse voices & thought leaders.




Trauma lives in the body long after the initial incident or moment(s) of crisis and trauma can be repressed for years only to showcase itself when triggered. Long-term effects of trauma impact everything from social behavior to the body, to the brain. Without consistent and specific trauma-informed healing resources, a person can suffer their entire life leading to a fragmented life.

The current state of the world has us living in cycles of trauma and re-traumatization over and over as rates of abuse and trauma have skyrocketed under COVID19. We are providing a safe healing community globally, NOW. 




For far too long, trauma healing has been a lifestyle commodity outside the reach of many of the people who need it the most. High-quality trauma-informed healing resources tend to live in spaces of privilege, further widening the divide between whose trauma healing is addressed and the cost & burden of seeking healing is almost always placed on the person needing it most.

 These are not long-term solutions.


We Believe Community is Self Care.


Whether you’re a survivor of trauma or just looking to enhance your mental health and wellness, our amazing community and unlimited self-paced tools and resources are there for you when and where you need them the most.



We’re on a mission to make mental health care accessible and available for everyone.


By leveraging existing technology we are able to deliver high quality Virtual Care through digital programming, increased access to mental health care, and a growing community of support & connection.

Your support will help us decrease the barriers to Virtual Care and Community for trauma survivors everywhere by allowing us to make the community portion of our platform free.



We have a VISION for change and we believe that belongs in OUR hands at this time. Crowdfunding allows us to raise funds to expand the Phoenix reach NOW, not later on.

Your support will help us decrease the barriers to Virtual Care and Community for trauma survivors everywhere by allowing us to make our community platform free to anyone that needs us. 

Want to see what we are up to?  Sign up here to join the beta. 



Dr.Melissa Barker, Founder & CEO of Phoenix, is a champion of all things healing. A survivor and one of the 31 that filed a Title IX civi rights suite against UC Berkeley in 2014, Melissa understands how hard it is to heal from trauma. Her dream is a world where healing is both accessible and normalized and where mental health care is part of holistic community care.  Melissa believes in Phoenix with her whole being and she is committed to fighting the good fight in changing the way we treat mental health in our society.  Joining her on this journey is a community of self-motivated healers, Phoenix Ambassadors, and a small but mighty team. We truly believe we RISE together.  


Your support means everything to us. Thank you for helping us expand our wings. If you are interested in learning more about Phoenix please contact us at [email protected]



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